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DOS GAME Year Copyright
M Chess Professional  is browser playable.M Chess Professional 1992 Marty Hirsch
Mad Mix is browser playable.Mad Mix 1988 U.S. Gold Ltd.
Mad Mix 2- En El Castillo De Los Fantasmas is browser playable.Mad Mix 2- En El Castillo De Los Fantasmas 1990 Topo Soft
Mad News   is browser playable.Mad News 1994 Ikarion Software GmbH
Mad Painter   is browser playable.Mad Painter 1991 Steve Elder
Mad TV is browser playable.Mad TV 1991 Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Madam Ching's Palace of Pleasure is browser playable.Madam Ching's Palace of Pleasure 1989 BSX International
Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II- The Next Day! is browser playable.Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II- The Next Day! 1989 DavisWARE Inc.
Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstasy is browser playable.Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstasy 1989 BSX International
Magic Boy is browser playable.Magic Boy 1993 Empire Software
Magic Candle II- The Four and Forty, The is browser playable.Magic Candle II- The Four and Forty, The 1991 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic Carpet 2- The Netherworlds is browser playable.Magic Carpet 2- The Netherworlds 1995 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Major Marvel   is browser playable.Major Marvel 2009 Acord Games
Malaga is browser playable.Malaga 198x Ugdoms og idrettsavdelingen
Manchester United is browser playable.Manchester United 1990 Krisalis Software Ltd.
Mario's Early Years- Preschool Fun is browser playable.Mario's Early Years- Preschool Fun 1993 Software Toolworks, Inc., The
Mario's Game Gallery is browser playable.Mario's Game Gallery 1995 Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Martian Colony Water Simulator is browser playable.Martian Colony Water Simulator 1989 Alan Meiss
Masters of Deflektor  is browser playable.Masters of Deflektor 2007 7 Gods
Match Day Manager is browser playable.Match Day Manager 1995 Merit Studios (Europe
Matching Pairs is browser playable.Matching Pairs 1988 Regans Software
Mathkids- Berhitung Desimal is browser playable.Mathkids- Berhitung Desimal 1995 Elex Media Komputindo
MB Bingo is browser playable.MB Bingo 1989 Box Office, Inc.
Mean Streets is browser playable.Mean Streets 1989 Access Software, Inc.
Menace is browser playable.Menace 1989 Psygnosis Limited
Meteor is browser playable.Meteor 1981 Edward T. Ordman
Meteor! is browser playable.Meteor! 1982 Edward T. Ordman
Meteors is browser playable.Meteors 1989 Softdisk Publishing
Metro, El is browser playable.Metro, El 2000 Jarel
Metropolis is browser playable.Metropolis 1987 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Mickey's Space Adventure is browser playable.Mickey's Space Adventure 1986 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Microsoft Decathlon is browser playable.Microsoft Decathlon 1982 Microsoft Game Studios
Milknuts   is browser playable.Milknuts 2011 Martin Kolecek
Minesweeper in 3506 Bytes is browser playable.Minesweeper in 3506 Bytes 2014 musk
Moeder Wat Is Het Heet! is browser playable.Moeder Wat Is Het Heet! 2001 Greikje
Monster Land is browser playable.Monster Land 2010 Acord Games
Moon Patrol is browser playable.Moon Patrol 1983 Atarisoft
Mortar Mayhem is browser playable.Mortar Mayhem 2001 Pelle Coltau, Jens Juul Jacobsen
Motorbike Madness is browser playable.Motorbike Madness 1988 M.A.D.
Motor-Mania is browser playable.Motor-Mania 1989 Eric Hewitt
MouseJet is browser playable.MouseJet 1989 Michael Widener
MouseWar is browser playable.MouseWar 1989 Michael Widener
Mr. Jackpot is browser playable.Mr. Jackpot 1988 R.W. de Wit
MTV Remote Control is browser playable.MTV Remote Control 1989 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Mugshots  is browser playable.Mugshots 1989 Carlo San Mateo

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