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DOS GAME Year Copyright
M Chess Professional  is browser playable.M Chess Professional 1992 Marty Hirsch
M Labyrinth is browser playable.M Labyrinth 1993 Gamos
M.A.T.H. Circus  is browser playable.M.A.T.H. Circus 1994 Greygum Software
M.R.T. is browser playable.M.R.T. 1996 Brian Hogan
M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport is browser playable.M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport 1990 Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
M.U.L.E. 386  is browser playable.M.U.L.E. 386 1994 The Phoenix Crew
M1 Tank Platoon  is browser playable.M1 Tank Platoon 1989 MicroProse Software, Inc.
M16 Range Simulator is browser playable.M16 Range Simulator 1989 Edward J. Newton
Mabeop-ui Hyangsu- Nostalgia of Magic is browser playable.Mabeop-ui Hyangsu- Nostalgia of Magic 1997 IKGN Soft, Koga
Macadam Bumper is browser playable.Macadam Bumper 1987 ERE Informatique
MacArthur's War- Battles for Korea is browser playable.MacArthur's War- Battles for Korea 1988 SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.
Mach 3 is browser playable.Mach 3 1987 Loriciels
Machiavelli the Prince is browser playable.Machiavelli the Prince 1995 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Machiavelli the Prince 1.1 update is browser playable.Machiavelli the Prince 1.1 update 1995 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Machines, The is browser playable.Machines, The 1996 L.K. Avalon
Mack's Domino Parlor is browser playable.Mack's Domino Parlor 1984 B. J. Ball
Mad Cow Man and Deep Fried Beef Fat Boy is browser playable.Mad Cow Man and Deep Fried Beef Fat Boy 1997 Mistigris
Mad Dog McCree  is browser playable.Mad Dog McCree 1992 American Laser Games, Inc.
Mad Mac II is browser playable.Mad Mac II 1995 PANique
Mad Mad Mad Mazes is browser playable.Mad Mad Mad Mazes 1989 Frederick Volking
Mad Mix is browser playable.Mad Mix 1988 U.S. Gold Ltd.
Mad Mix 2- En El Castillo De Los Fantasmas is browser playable.Mad Mix 2- En El Castillo De Los Fantasmas 1990 Topo Soft
Mad News   is browser playable.Mad News 1994 Ikarion Software GmbH
Mad Painter   is browser playable.Mad Painter 1991 Steve Elder
Mad Paradox   is browser playable.Mad Paradox 1994 Samourai
Mad Scientist, The is browser playable.Mad Scientist, The 198x Anonymous
Mad Show is browser playable.Mad Show 1988 Silmarils
Mad TV is browser playable.Mad TV 1991 Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
Mad TV 2 is browser playable.Mad TV 2 1996 Funsoft
Madam Ching's Palace of Pleasure is browser playable.Madam Ching's Palace of Pleasure 1989 BSX International
Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II- The Next Day! is browser playable.Madam Fifi's Whorehouse II- The Next Day! 1989 DavisWARE Inc.
Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstasy is browser playable.Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstasy 1989 BSX International
Madball is browser playable.Madball 1985 Microtec
Madden NFL 97 is download only. Madden NFL 97 1996 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Madman   is browser playable.Madman 1995 Robert J. Deutsch, Jr.
Madmix Game  is browser playable.Madmix Game 2000 Enrique Huerta
MADNESS  is browser playable.MADNESS 1992 Viet-Trung Luu
MadSpace is browser playable.MadSpace 1997 Auric Vision Ltd.
Maelstrom is browser playable.Maelstrom 1992 Don Bluth Multimedia, Inc., Merit Studios, Inc.
Mafioso is browser playable.Mafioso 19xx Luigi & Make
MAG is browser playable.MAG 1989 Michael J. Teixeira
Magic Boxes is browser playable.Magic Boxes 1989 Softdisk Publishing
Magic Boy is browser playable.Magic Boy 1993 Empire Software
Magic Candle II- The Four and Forty, The is browser playable.Magic Candle II- The Four and Forty, The 1991 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic Candle III, The is download only. Magic Candle III, The 1993 Mindcraft Software, Inc.

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