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1982 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
21 is browser playable.21 1982 PCC, Inc.
3D Tic-Tac-Toe is browser playable.3D Tic-Tac-Toe 1982 Reza Beheshti
Adventure in Serenia is browser playable.Adventure in Serenia 1982 IBM
Alien is browser playable.Alien 1982 Anonymous
Andromeda Conquest is browser playable.Andromeda Conquest 1982 Avalon Hill
Anti-Ballistic-Missile is browser playable.Anti-Ballistic-Missile 1982 Ed Davis
Apple Panic is browser playable.Apple Panic 1982 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Artillery is browser playable.Artillery 1982 Joe Lipska, Portland IBM PC Club
Asteroid Pilot is browser playable.Asteroid Pilot 1982 R. A. Bower
Astro-Dodge is browser playable.Astro-Dodge 1982 Digital Marketing Corporation
Attack is browser playable.Attack 1982 IBM
Backgammon is browser playable.Backgammon 1982 C&C Software
Ball is browser playable.Ball 1982 Tom Springall
Bit-Bat is browser playable.Bit-Bat 1982 Software Strategies Inc.
Boxer Rebellion is browser playable.Boxer Rebellion 1982 K. L. Carpenter
Bullseye is browser playable.Bullseye 1982 International PC Owners
BurgerTime is browser playable.BurgerTime 1982 Mattel Electronics
C.I.A. Adventure is browser playable.C.I.A. Adventure 1982 International PC Owners
Call to Arms is browser playable.Call to Arms 1982 Sirius Software, Inc.
Cannoneer is browser playable.Cannoneer 1982 Ed Davis
Capture the Enemy Space Ship is browser playable.Capture the Enemy Space Ship 1982 International PC Owners
Casino Games is browser playable.Casino Games 1982 IBM
CATCH88 is browser playable.CATCH88 1982 RKC
CCII Blackjack is browser playable.CCII Blackjack 1982 Patrick Leabo, Bob Vollmer
Chomp is browser playable.Chomp 1982 Ensign Software
Computer Monopoly is browser playable.Computer Monopoly 1982 Anonymous
Computer Operator is browser playable.Computer Operator 1982 D. Johnson
CONSEN - The Game of Concentration is browser playable.CONSEN - The Game of Concentration 1982 Eugene S. Schulze
Cosmic Crusader is browser playable.Cosmic Crusader 1982 Funtastic, Inc.
Cribbage is browser playable.Cribbage 1982 Ensign Software
Cribbage (color) is browser playable.Cribbage (color) 1982 Patrick Leabo
Cribbage (mono) is browser playable.Cribbage (mono) 1982 Patrick Leabo
Crossfire is browser playable.Crossfire 1982 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Cyborg is browser playable.Cyborg 1982 Sentient Software
Datnoids is browser playable.Datnoids 1982 Casey Roche
Deadline is browser playable.Deadline 1982 Infocom, Inc.
Depth Charge  is browser playable.Depth Charge 1982 Jerry M. Kotler
Desert is browser playable.Desert 1982 International PC Owners
Drive-In is browser playable.Drive-In 1982 Douglas C. Rogers
Droids is browser playable.Droids 1982 International PC Owners
Dunjonquest- Curse of Ra is download only. Dunjonquest- Curse of Ra 1982 Epyx, Inc.
Dunjonquest- Temple of Apshai is browser playable.Dunjonquest- Temple of Apshai 1982 Epyx, Inc.
Dunjonquest- Upper Reaches of Apshai is download only. Dunjonquest- Upper Reaches of Apshai 1982 Epyx, Inc.
Early Games is browser playable.Early Games 1982 Learning Tools, Inc.
Executive Suite is browser playable.Executive Suite 1982 Armonk Corporation

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