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1983 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
15 Puzzle, The is browser playable.15 Puzzle, The 1983 Dale Dewey
Adventure-1 is download only. Adventure-1 1983 Scott Adams
Adventures in Math is browser playable.Adventures in Math 1983 IBM
AdventureWriter is browser playable.AdventureWriter 1983 Gilsoft
Afghanistan is browser playable.Afghanistan 1983 John D. Odneal
Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster is download only. Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster 1983 Tim Hartnell
Air Trax is browser playable.Air Trax 1983 Presearch Incorporated
Amazing Maze is browser playable.Amazing Maze 1983 Headlands Press
Animation Creation is browser playable.Animation Creation 1983 IBM
Ario Bros is browser playable.Ario Bros 1983 David Tretter
Attack On Altair is browser playable.Attack On Altair 1983 Windmill Software
B-1 Nuclear Bomber is browser playable.B-1 Nuclear Bomber 1983 Avalon Hill
Battle for Normandy is download only. Battle for Normandy 1983 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Battlezone is browser playable.Battlezone 1983 Atarisoft
Beneath Apple Manor is browser playable.Beneath Apple Manor 1983 Quality Software
Bert and the Snake is browser playable.Bert and the Snake 1983 Bill Piazza
Big 8 Football is download only. Big 8 Football 1983 Anonymous
Big Top is browser playable.Big Top 1983 Funtastic, Inc.
Black Friday #3 is browser playable.Black Friday #3 1983 International PC Owners
Bluebush Chess is browser playable.Bluebush Chess 1983 Bluebush Software
Bugfeast is browser playable.Bugfeast 1983 Paul Somerson
Bugs! is browser playable.Bugs! 1983 Michael Ouye
Bumble Games is browser playable.Bumble Games 1983 IBM
Bumble Plot is browser playable.Bumble Plot 1983 IBM
Bushido is browser playable.Bushido 1983 Ebenel Enterprises
Buzzard Bait is browser playable.Buzzard Bait 1983 Sirius Software, Inc.
Casino UNIVAC 1108 Baccarat is download only. Casino UNIVAC 1108 Baccarat 1983 Anonymous
Centipede is browser playable.Centipede 1983 R. J. Grafe
Chase is browser playable.Chase 1983 A. Barak
Chateau Gaillard is download only. Chateau Gaillard 1983 Tim Hartnell
Chess Partner is browser playable.Chess Partner 1983 Scott Murray
Citadel of Pershu, The is download only. Citadel of Pershu, The 1983 Tim Hartnell
Civil War is browser playable.Civil War 1983 International PC Owners
Coffee Game, The is download only. Coffee Game, The 1983 Anonymous
Combots is browser playable.Combots 1983 International PC Owners
Conquest is browser playable.Conquest 1983 Windmill Software
Crossfire (PCjr) is download only. Crossfire (PCjr) 1983 IBM
Crush, Crumble and Chomp! is browser playable.Crush, Crumble and Chomp! 1983 Automated Simulations, Inc.
Daves Crap Game is download only. Daves Crap Game 1983 Anonymous
David Schulman's Blackjack is browser playable.David Schulman's Blackjack 1983 David Schulman
Defender is browser playable.Defender 1983 Atarisoft
Dig Dug is browser playable.Dig Dug 1983 Atarisoft
Digger is browser playable.Digger 1983 Windmill Software
Dino Eggs is browser playable.Dino Eggs 1983 Micro Fun
Donkey Kong is browser playable.Donkey Kong 1983 Atarisoft

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