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Puzzle DOS Games. Page 1 of 3

Showing 1 to 45 of 113 Puzzle DOS games.

15 Move Hole Puzzle
©1993 DEMONsoft
15 Move Hole Puzzle is browser playable.

15 Puzzle, The
©1983 Dale Dewey
15 Puzzle, The is browser playable.

15 x 15
©1993 Nikita Ltd.
15 x 15 is browser playable.

©1996 Alexander Gogava
16 is browser playable.

©1991 Intelligent Educational Software
Acrostix is browser playable.

©1989 Proein, PJ soft
Averno is browser playable.

Bangul-i-wa Bangul Sai
©1995 D.C.C., Projino
Bangul-i-wa Bangul Sai is browser playable.

©2003 Folker Fritz
BIX is download only.

Bolo Box
©1993 Soleau Software, Inc.
Bolo Box is download only.

©2005 FISOFT
BOX4 is download only.

Boxer Rebellion
©1982 K. L. Carpenter
Boxer Rebellion is browser playable.

Bozula Block Buster
©2002 Johan Olofsson
Bozula Block Buster is browser playable.

Brain Tester
©1998 Yuri Balagurov
Brain Tester is browser playable.

BrainStorm Pro
©1994 Elkware
BrainStorm Pro is download only.

Bricko The Challenge!
©1999 Davey Taylor
Bricko The Challenge! is browser playable.

Brix 3 - Superlogic
©1994 Radiesel
Brix 3 - Superlogic is download only.

Brix 4 - Genius
©1994 Radiesel
Brix 4 - Genius is download only.

©1998 Andre Dirk
Bug! is download only.

Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg PUSH-PUSH
©2005 Hamster Republic Productions
Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg PUSH-PUSH is browser playable.

Chang-go Ji Gi- 256-Color Sokoban
©1993 Hanulso Development
Chang-go Ji Gi- 256-Color Sokoban is download only.

Chas' Word Puzzles
©1991 Charles Carr
Chas' Word Puzzles is download only.

Chess Housers
©1990 Diabolic Soft
Chess Housers is download only.

©1997 Laser Point Publishing
Clone is download only.

Computer Puzzles Unlimited
©1993 Computer Puzzles Unlimited, Inc.
Computer Puzzles Unlimited is download only.

Crazy Train
©1994 TJ - Productions
Crazy Train is download only.

Crossword #1
©1992 Tracker Software
Crossword #1 is download only.

©1993 Paul McGuire
Cryptogrammer is download only.

©1996 Jean-Guy Lavallee
Cubix is download only.

Daily Crossword Puzzles from the New York Times
©1987 ShareData, Inc.
Daily Crossword Puzzles from the New York Times is download only.

©1995 Eclipse
Demineur is download only.

Detective Academy
©2004 Lachie Dazdarian
Detective Academy is browser playable.

©1989 Robosoft
Doolhof is browser playable.

Dr. Mario
©1992 J. David Hamilton
Dr. Mario is browser playable.

©1997 Eriban Software
Dropsession is download only.

El Grinch
©1983 International PC Owners
El Grinch is download only.

Electric Jigsaw
©1991 Merit Software Inc.
Electric Jigsaw is download only.

Euclid I
©1989 Cognitech
Euclid I is download only.

Fangkuai Aoyun (Block Olympics)
©1993 Soft-World International
Fangkuai Aoyun (Block Olympics) is download only.

Fifteen Game
©1984 Phillip R. Johnson
Fifteen Game is download only.

Fifteen Puzzle
©1983 International PC Owners
Fifteen Puzzle is download only.

Flashy Cars
©1992 Goldy Games
Flashy Cars is download only.

©1998 Remco de Korte
FlowerPower is browser playable.

Free Lilly!
©2000 Dieter Caspary
Free Lilly! is browser playable.

©1994 Sam Loyd, Christopher McPeck
Glasses is browser playable.

©1991 Ian Warmby
Gobbler is browser playable.

Showing 1 to 45 of 113 Puzzle DOS games.