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Puzzle DOS Games. Page 1 of 3

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DOS GAME Copyright
15 Move Hole Puzzle is browser playable.15 Move Hole Puzzle DEMONsoft
15 Puzzle, The is browser playable.15 Puzzle, The Dale Dewey
15 x 15 is browser playable.15 x 15 Nikita Ltd.
16 is browser playable.16 Alexander Gogava
Acrostix is browser playable.Acrostix Intelligent Educational Software
Averno is browser playable.Averno Proein, PJ soft
Bangul-i-wa Bangul Sai is browser playable.Bangul-i-wa Bangul Sai D.C.C., Projino
BIX  is browser playable.BIX Folker Fritz
Bolo Box is browser playable.Bolo Box Soleau Software, Inc.
BOX4  is browser playable.BOX4 FISOFT
Boxer Rebellion is browser playable.Boxer Rebellion K. L. Carpenter
Bozula Block Buster is browser playable.Bozula Block Buster Johan Olofsson
Brain Tester  is browser playable.Brain Tester Yuri Balagurov
BrainStorm Pro is browser playable.BrainStorm Pro Elkware
Bricko The Challenge!  is browser playable.Bricko The Challenge! Davey Taylor
Brix 3 - Superlogic is browser playable.Brix 3 - Superlogic Radiesel
Brix 4 - Genius is browser playable.Brix 4 - Genius Radiesel
Bug! is browser playable.Bug! Andre Dirk
Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg PUSH-PUSH is browser playable.Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg PUSH-PUSH Hamster Republic Productions
Chang-go Ji Gi- 256-Color Sokoban is browser playable.Chang-go Ji Gi- 256-Color Sokoban Hanulso Development
Chas' Word Puzzles is browser playable.Chas' Word Puzzles Charles Carr
Chess Housers is browser playable.Chess Housers Diabolic Soft
Computer Puzzles Unlimited is browser playable.Computer Puzzles Unlimited Computer Puzzles Unlimited, Inc.
Crazy Train  is browser playable.Crazy Train TJ - Productions
Crossword #1 is browser playable.Crossword #1 Tracker Software
Cryptogrammer  is browser playable.Cryptogrammer Paul McGuire
Cubix is browser playable.Cubix Jean-Guy Lavallee
Daily Crossword Puzzles from the New York Times is browser playable.Daily Crossword Puzzles from the New York Times ShareData, Inc.
Demineur is browser playable.Demineur Eclipse
Detective Academy  is browser playable.Detective Academy Lachie Dazdarian
Doolhof is browser playable.Doolhof Robosoft
Dr. Mario is browser playable.Dr. Mario J. David Hamilton
Dropsession  is browser playable.Dropsession Eriban Software
Fangkuai Aoyun (Block Olympics) is browser playable.Fangkuai Aoyun (Block Olympics) Soft-World International
Fifteen Puzzle is browser playable.Fifteen Puzzle International PC Owners
FlowerPower is browser playable.FlowerPower Remco de Korte
Free Lilly! is browser playable.Free Lilly! Dieter Caspary
Glasses is browser playable.Glasses Sam Loyd, Christopher McPeck
Gobbler is browser playable.Gobbler Ian Warmby
Hangman is browser playable.Hangman Mateusz Viste
Hangman for the Superintelligent is browser playable.Hangman for the Superintelligent Norland Software
Hangman Foreign Language is browser playable.Hangman Foreign Language Norland Software
Hangtetris  is browser playable.Hangtetris Hangvorgel
Head Banger #2- Leaping Puzzle Game is browser playable.Head Banger #2- Leaping Puzzle Game Progressive Products
Hell of Lemmings 2  is browser playable.Hell of Lemmings 2 Som

104 Puzzle DOS Games

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