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1998 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
240 Racing  is browser playable.240 Racing 1998 Bralanda Software
25 is browser playable.25 1998 Devilish Games
3D Bomber is browser playable.3D Bomber 1998 Steven Don
3D Hunting Grizzly is browser playable.3D Hunting Grizzly 1998 Macmillan Digital Publishing USA
666 is browser playable.666 1998 Blacky Crackware Incorporated.
ACiD Tetris is browser playable.ACiD Tetris 1998 Dungeon Dwellers Design
Action SuperCross  is browser playable.Action SuperCross 1998 Balazs Rozsa
Adventures of Joe Trilogy, The is browser playable.Adventures of Joe Trilogy, The 1998 Joe
Alchemist  is download only. Alchemist 1998 Warp Power Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Arcade Volleyball Deluxe is download only. Arcade Volleyball Deluxe 1998 Apocalypse
Ardeny 1944 is browser playable.Ardeny 1944 1998 Gambler Magazine
Armageddon VII - The Ultimate Invasion is browser playable.Armageddon VII - The Ultimate Invasion 1998 Mike Wnuk
Asteroid Fighter  is browser playable.Asteroid Fighter 1998 Tomasz Wisniewski
Asteroids is browser playable.Asteroids 1998 TF Software
Axia is browser playable.Axia 1998 Dungeon Dwellers Design
Backman is browser playable.Backman 1998 ISO
Bad Machine  is browser playable.Bad Machine 1998 Dan Shiovitz
Barney Mutilator is download only. Barney Mutilator 1998 Jeremy Penner
Basic 40 Thieves is browser playable.Basic 40 Thieves 1998 John C. Emig
Beat Down  is browser playable.Beat Down 1998 MicroTrip
Bert Higgins - The Man from HELL  is download only. Bert Higgins - The Man from HELL 1998 Esoterica
Bloodie   is browser playable.Bloodie 1998 Future Games s.r.o.
Bloody Life, A! is browser playable.Bloody Life, A! 1998 Quentin.D.Thompson
Bombs and Bugs   is download only. Bombs and Bugs 1998 AWKWARD-Software
Booger and the Martians is download only. Booger and the Martians 1998 Reality Software
Borderworld - Part I - The Arrival is browser playable.Borderworld - Part I - The Arrival 1998 Jeff Kintz
Bourrin Racer is browser playable.Bourrin Racer 1998 Factory
Brain Tester  is browser playable.Brain Tester 1998 Yuri Balagurov
Bubble Jeopardy is download only. Bubble Jeopardy 1998 Dodgy Posse
Bug World! is browser playable.Bug World! 1998 KD Games
Bug! is browser playable.Bug! 1998 Andre Dirk
Bumpkin is download only. Bumpkin 1998 Axe Productions
Calamari Cubes 2 is browser playable.Calamari Cubes 2 1998 Dodgy Posse
Casse Couilles is browser playable.Casse Couilles 1998 Nothing At All
Castle is browser playable.Castle 1998 KCCK Designs
Cendric's Quest is browser playable.Cendric's Quest 1998 SerpentHead Software
ChessFiz  is browser playable.ChessFiz 1998 Andreas Herrmann
Chompsters!  is browser playable.Chompsters! 1998 Pixel Creations
Chub Gam 3-D- Director's Cut is browser playable.Chub Gam 3-D- Director's Cut 1998 ChubGamSoft
Cobra Gunship  is browser playable.Cobra Gunship 1998 Elysium Digital, L.L.C.
Colony is browser playable.Colony 1998 Chris Charabaruk
Coming Out of the Closet is download only. Coming Out of the Closet 1998 Mikko Vuorinen
Crazy Cows  is download only. Crazy Cows 1998 Runt time
CyberBall is download only. CyberBall 1998 Midas Interactive Entertainment BV
Cynet is browser playable.Cynet 1998 Necromason

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