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2004 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
3D Jack's Game ED2 edition  is browser playable.3D Jack's Game ED2 edition 2004 Dr. Jacques Mallah
Akiko and Minami is browser playable.Akiko and Minami 2004 Roland Kunz
Al Pond- On Holiday  is browser playable.Al Pond- On Holiday 2004 Eigen Lenk
Anacreon- Reconstruction 4021 v2.0 is browser playable.Anacreon- Reconstruction 4021 v2.0 2004 Thinking Machine Associates
Apocalyptic Quest (demo)  is browser playable.Apocalyptic Quest (demo) 2004 SUNTEAM
AstroFire  is browser playable.AstroFire 2004 ORT Software
Attack of Soldiers  is browser playable.Attack of Soldiers 2004 Muratelic
B-Venture is browser playable.B-Venture 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Beats of Rage  is browser playable.Beats of Rage 2004 Senile Team
Bomberman - Masterblaster Ripoff  is browser playable.Bomberman - Masterblaster Ripoff 2004 Sean Whitley
Cave Raider  is browser playable.Cave Raider 2004 Paul Redling
Collapse is browser playable.Collapse 2004 Colin Morgan
Cribbage Solitaire  is browser playable.Cribbage Solitaire 2004 Justin Somerton
Cyber Chick is browser playable.Cyber Chick 2004 James Robert Osborne
Detective Academy  is browser playable.Detective Academy 2004 Lachie Dazdarian
Dies Irae Remake is browser playable.Dies Irae Remake 2004 Jonathan Edwards
DOH !! is browser playable.DOH !! 2004 Math'M & Algotech
Doomdark's Revenge  is browser playable.Doomdark's Revenge 2004 Chris Wild
Fairlight Castle  is browser playable.Fairlight Castle 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Feza is browser playable.Feza 2004 Taskin Baltaci
Flik 'o' Bomb is download only. Flik 'o' Bomb 2004 BB Software
Golden French Fry, The  is browser playable.Golden French Fry, The 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Jace Boxxi is browser playable.Jace Boxxi 2004 Jace Masula
Jpoker is browser playable.Jpoker 2004 Jace Masula
Letter Targets is browser playable.Letter Targets 2004 Justin Somerton
Ninja v1.30 is browser playable.Ninja v1.30 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Ninja v1.32 is browser playable.Ninja v1.32 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Number Munchers Tribute is browser playable.Number Munchers Tribute 2004 Nick Andren
Pitman is browser playable.Pitman 2004 Tristar
Quest for the Cheat The is browser playable.Quest for the Cheat The 2004 Profile Games
RoboRaider is browser playable.RoboRaider 2004 x.t.r.GRAPHICS
Rocks 'n' Diamonds  is download only. Rocks 'n' Diamonds 2004 Holger Schemel
Rogue Clone IV  is browser playable.Rogue Clone IV 2004 Michael Lehotay, Nick Straguzzi
Shoot Up  is browser playable.Shoot Up 2004 Nixon
Simpsons Tetris 2, The is browser playable.Simpsons Tetris 2, The 2004 Paer J
Sopwith- The Author's Edition is browser playable.Sopwith- The Author's Edition 2004 David L. Clark
Spear End of Destiny  is browser playable.Spear End of Destiny 2004 MCS Amsterdam
Star Angelic Slugger v.000004  is browser playable.Star Angelic Slugger v.000004 2004 Adigun Azikiwe Polack
TinyTris  is browser playable.TinyTris 2004 Ben Hanke
Trampoline Gunmen - Minigame$ is browser playable.Trampoline Gunmen - Minigame$ 2004 John Szczepaniak
Wolfenstein 3D - Coming of the Storm is browser playable.Wolfenstein 3D - Coming of the Storm 2004 Wolf Skevos-Jones