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1991 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
'Nam 1965-1975 is browser playable.'Nam 1965-1975 1991 Domark Software Ltd.
1000 Miglia is browser playable.1000 Miglia 1991 Simulmondo
123-Talk is browser playable.123-Talk 1991 Creative Educational Software, Inc.
1st & Goal Fantasy Football is browser playable.1st & Goal Fantasy Football 1991 McS Custom Software
21-en is browser playable.21-en 1991 HVB
3 Ball Juggler  is browser playable.3 Ball Juggler 1991 First Magnitude
3D Construction Kit  is browser playable.3D Construction Kit 1991 Incentive Software Ltd.
3DWalls is browser playable.3DWalls 1991 Anonymous
4-D Boxing - The DEMO Disk is browser playable.4-D Boxing - The DEMO Disk 1991 Electronic Arts, Inc.
4-D Boxing is browser playable.4-D Boxing 1991 Electronic Arts, Inc.
4-Get-It is browser playable.4-Get-It 1991 TTR Development
4D Sports - Boxing is browser playable.4D Sports - Boxing 1991 Mindscape International Ltd.
5-Letter-Kruiswoord is browser playable.5-Letter-Kruiswoord 1991 HVB
7 Colors is browser playable.7 Colors 1991 Infogrames Europe SA
A la carrera is browser playable.A la carrera 1991 Ediciones Manali, S.A.
A Quick Run Around the House is browser playable.A Quick Run Around the House 1991 Roger Kenner
A Twist of Fate  is browser playable.A Twist of Fate 1991 The 2 Benz Programming Group
A-10 Tank Killer is browser playable.A-10 Tank Killer 1991 Dynamix, Inc.
A320 Airbus (Edition Europa) is browser playable.A320 Airbus (Edition Europa) 1991 Thalion Software
ABC Paint  is browser playable.ABC Paint 1991 Belinda D. Aboshanab
ABC Wide World Of Sports Boxing is browser playable.ABC Wide World Of Sports Boxing 1991 Data East USA, Inc.
ABC's For Toddlers is browser playable.ABC's For Toddlers 1991 Rickers Software
ABC-Talk  is browser playable.ABC-Talk 1991 Creative Educational Software, Inc.
ABCs, The is browser playable.ABCs, The 1991 AAT
Acrostix is browser playable.Acrostix 1991 Intelligent Educational Software
Action Stations! - Scenario Maker is browser playable.Action Stations! - Scenario Maker 1991 RAW Entertainment, Inc.
Addams Family Print Gallery is browser playable.Addams Family Print Gallery 1991 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Adi  is browser playable.Adi 1991 Coktel Vision
Aduno  is browser playable.Aduno 1991 Kenneth Dowst
Advanced DOS Quiz is browser playable.Advanced DOS Quiz 1991 Steve Mount
Advanced Galactic Empire is browser playable.Advanced Galactic Empire 1991 Coktel Vision
Advanced Mastermind Games  is browser playable.Advanced Mastermind Games 1991 JYVA
Advanced Xoru  is browser playable.Advanced Xoru 1991 Castle Technologies Company
Advantage Tennis is browser playable.Advantage Tennis 1991 Infogrames
Adventure4 is browser playable.Adventure4 1991 Mike Arnautov
Adventures in Sherwood is browser playable.Adventures in Sherwood 1991 Charles Williams
Adventures of Captain Comic Episode 1, The - Planet of Death is browser playable.Adventures of Captain Comic Episode 1, The - Planet of Death 1991 Michael A. Denio
Adventures of Willy Beamish, The is browser playable.Adventures of Willy Beamish, The 1991 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Aeronautics Quiz MK 2, The is browser playable.Aeronautics Quiz MK 2, The 1991 Marin Mielke
Airline is browser playable.Airline 1991 Falken-Verlag GmbH
Aldo Again is browser playable.Aldo Again 1991 David & Benjamin Ibach
Aldo's Assault is browser playable.Aldo's Assault 1991 David & Benjamin Ibach
All About Our World is browser playable.All About Our World 1991 Intentional Educations Inc.
All-American College Football is browser playable.All-American College Football 1991 Micro Sports, Inc
Amarillo Slim 7 Card Stud is browser playable.Amarillo Slim 7 Card Stud 1991 Villa Crespo Software

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