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1986 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
3 Card High Low Poker is browser playable.3 Card High Low Poker 1986 Ken Firch
50 Mission Crush is browser playable.50 Mission Crush 1986 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Adventure Games is browser playable.Adventure Games 1986 Public Brand Software
Adventures of Alice Who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed, The is browser playable.Adventures of Alice Who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed, The 1986 Douglas A. Asherman
ADVSYS - An Adventure Writing System is browser playable.ADVSYS - An Adventure Writing System 1986 David Betz
Aeromathics is download only. Aeromathics 1986 IBM
African Desert Campaign is browser playable.African Desert Campaign 1986 Matt Kaufman
Alex Higgins' World Snooker is browser playable.Alex Higgins' World Snooker 1986 Amstrad
Algebra Drills  is download only. Algebra Drills 1986 IBM
Alter Ego- Female is browser playable.Alter Ego- Female 1986 Activision, Inc.
Alter Ego- Male is browser playable.Alter Ego- Male 1986 Activision, Inc.
America's Cup Yacht Racing Simulator is browser playable.America's Cup Yacht Racing Simulator 1986 Geoff. Brayford & Associates Pty. Ltd.
American Challenge- A Sailing Simulation, The is browser playable.American Challenge- A Sailing Simulation, The 1986 Mindscape, Inc.
Amnesia is browser playable.Amnesia 1986 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Animal Math is browser playable.Animal Math 1986 Donald L. Pavia
Arcade 1 is browser playable.Arcade 1 1986 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Arcade II  is browser playable.Arcade II 1986 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Archery is browser playable.Archery 1986 Brian Blankenship
Arcticfox is browser playable.Arcticfox 1986 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Automated Othello  is browser playable.Automated Othello 1986 Jeffrey S. Clary
Baccarat is browser playable.Baccarat 1986 Raymond M. Buti
Bad-Bad is browser playable.Bad-Bad 1986 Jonathan Stanley
Ballyhoo is download only. Ballyhoo 1986 Infocom, Inc.
Bank Street Music Writer is browser playable.Bank Street Music Writer 1986 Mindscape, Inc.
Baseball Fanatic  is browser playable.Baseball Fanatic 1986 Performing Arts Software Inc.
Batalia is browser playable.Batalia 1986 Right Brothers, The
Battle Ground is browser playable.Battle Ground 1986 MVP Software
Battle of Antietam is browser playable.Battle of Antietam 1986 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Beast is browser playable.Beast 1986 Dan Baker
Berzerk is browser playable.Berzerk 1986 Anonymous
Beyond the Titanic is browser playable.Beyond the Titanic 1986 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Big Blue Disk #01 is browser playable.Big Blue Disk #01 1986 Softdisk Publishing
Big Blue Disk #04 is browser playable.Big Blue Disk #04 1986 Softdisk Publishing
Bike Hike  is browser playable.Bike Hike 1986 Merit Software
Biker Dave  is download only. Biker Dave 1986 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
Bingo is browser playable.Bingo 1986 Les Penner
Blockade is browser playable.Blockade 1986 Don Laabs
Board Games  is browser playable.Board Games 1986 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Bob Winner is browser playable.Bob Winner 1986 Loriciels
Bop'N Wrestle is browser playable.Bop'N Wrestle 1986 Mindscape, Inc.
Breakers is browser playable.Breakers 1986 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Breakout is browser playable.Breakout 1986 Hal Strausberg
Brickout  is browser playable.Brickout 1986 James P. Fox
Bullet is download only. Bullet 1986 Peter Kahn
Business Simulator is browser playable.Business Simulator 1986 Reality Development Corp.

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