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1985 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
3 of a Kind (Pinball Construction Set)  is browser playable.3 of a Kind (Pinball Construction Set) 1985 MJL
8088 Othello is browser playable.8088 Othello 1985 M.W. Bayley
A Fable  is browser playable.A Fable 1985 Stan Heller
A Mind Forever Voyaging is browser playable.A Mind Forever Voyaging 1985 Infocom, Inc.
Alpine Encounter is browser playable.Alpine Encounter 1985 Random House, Inc.
Amulet of Yendor is browser playable.Amulet of Yendor 1985 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Amulet, The is browser playable.Amulet, The 1985 Numenor Microsystems
Antixonix is browser playable.Antixonix 1985 Pavlovsky, Gerasimov
Archeodroid is browser playable.Archeodroid 1985 Home Computer Magazine
Armchair Quarterback v2.0 is browser playable.Armchair Quarterback v2.0 1985 Psuedonym Software
BANDIT is browser playable.BANDIT 1985 Anonymous
Baron- The Real Estate Simulation is browser playable.Baron- The Real Estate Simulation 1985 Blue Chip Software
Basic Concepts - Picture Magic is browser playable.Basic Concepts - Picture Magic 1985 Tim Yerks
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein is browser playable.Beyond Castle Wolfenstein 1985 Muse Software
Boogie is download only. Boogie 1985 Anonymous
Boulder Dash II- Rockford's Revenge is browser playable.Boulder Dash II- Rockford's Revenge 1985 First Star Software, Inc.
Bouncy Bee Learns Letters is browser playable.Bouncy Bee Learns Letters 1985 IBM
Brimstone is browser playable.Brimstone 1985 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Castle Adventure is browser playable.Castle Adventure 1985 Kevin Bales
Cave Girl Clair is browser playable.Cave Girl Clair 1985 Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc.
Cavequest is download only. Cavequest 1985 Lightwave Consultants
Caverns of Bob is browser playable.Caverns of Bob 1985 Bob Robert
Caverns of Gink is browser playable.Caverns of Gink 1985 Tony Ginko
Chem Lab is browser playable.Chem Lab 1985 Simon & Schuster
Chester is browser playable.Chester 1985 A.I. Software
Combat- Conflict Simulation (PCjr or Tandy BASIC)  is download only. Combat- Conflict Simulation (PCjr or Tandy BASIC) 1985 PC-SIG
Compudent's Spielkiste is browser playable.Compudent's Spielkiste 1985 Compudent
Computer Baseball  is download only. Computer Baseball 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Computer Novel Construction Set is browser playable.Computer Novel Construction Set 1985 Hayden Software
Creative Contraptions is browser playable.Creative Contraptions 1985 Bantam Electronic Publishing
cRiMe is browser playable.cRiMe 1985 David W. Nilsen
CROBOTS  is browser playable.CROBOTS 1985 Tom Poindexter
Cubic Tic Tac Toe is browser playable.Cubic Tic Tac Toe 1985 Silver Bullet Systems
Cyrus is browser playable.Cyrus 1985 Intelligent Chess Software
Daleks is browser playable.Daleks 1985 Softstar Software
Dam Busters, The is browser playable.Dam Busters, The 1985 Accolade, Inc.
Decision in the Desert is browser playable.Decision in the Desert 1985 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Detective Q is download only. Detective Q 1985 Anonymous
Disk Crash is browser playable.Disk Crash 1985 Gary Quiring
Dope Wars is browser playable.Dope Wars 1985 Happy Hacker Foundation
Doppleganger is browser playable.Doppleganger 1985 MindImage Software, Inc.
Dragonslayer  is browser playable.Dragonslayer 1985 E. L. Cheney
Draw Poker is browser playable.Draw Poker 1985 David Sherville
Driver is browser playable.Driver 1985 Carey Nash
Dungeon Quest is browser playable.Dungeon Quest 1985 Bill Chelmowski

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