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1985 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
3 of a Kind (Pinball Construction Set)  is browser playable.3 of a Kind (Pinball Construction Set) 1985 MJL
8088 Othello is browser playable.8088 Othello 1985 M.W. Bayley
A Fable  is browser playable.A Fable 1985 Stan Heller
A Mind Forever Voyaging is browser playable.A Mind Forever Voyaging 1985 Infocom, Inc.
Alpine Encounter is browser playable.Alpine Encounter 1985 Random House, Inc.
Antixonix is browser playable.Antixonix 1985 Pavlovsky, Gerasimov
Archeodroid is browser playable.Archeodroid 1985 Home Computer Magazine
Armchair Quarterback v2.0 is browser playable.Armchair Quarterback v2.0 1985 Psuedonym Software
BANDIT is browser playable.BANDIT 1985 Anonymous
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein is browser playable.Beyond Castle Wolfenstein 1985 Muse Software
Chem Lab is browser playable.Chem Lab 1985 Simon & Schuster
Chester is browser playable.Chester 1985 A.I. Software
cRiMe is browser playable.cRiMe 1985 David W. Nilsen
Dope Wars is browser playable.Dope Wars 1985 Happy Hacker Foundation
Emergency Mission   is browser playable.Emergency Mission 1985 Richard Brown
Empire- The Wargame of the Century is browser playable.Empire- The Wargame of the Century 1985 Jim and Dave Beveridge
Invaders is browser playable.Invaders 1985 Anonymous
Killer Bees is browser playable.Killer Bees 1985 Anonymous
Mummies is browser playable.Mummies 1985 Iain W. Brown
Naval War Simulator is browser playable.Naval War Simulator 1985 Shadow Mountain Software
NCR Golf is browser playable.NCR Golf 1985 NCR Corp.
NFL Challenge is browser playable.NFL Challenge 1985 XOR Corporation
Nine Princes in Amber is browser playable.Nine Princes in Amber 1985 Telarium Corp.
Nuclear Sub Adventure is browser playable.Nuclear Sub Adventure 1985 U.S. Digital Corporation
Operation Market Garden- Drive on Arnhem, September 1944 is browser playable.Operation Market Garden- Drive on Arnhem, September 1944 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Orbital Defender is browser playable.Orbital Defender 1985 Emerald Valley Publishing Co.
Over-Reaction is browser playable.Over-Reaction 1985 Home Computer Magazine
Rebound is browser playable.Rebound 1985 COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
Reflex Point is browser playable.Reflex Point 1985 Eric Iwasaki
Reversi is browser playable.Reversi 1985 James Oh & Associates
Road Rally U.S.A. is browser playable.Road Rally U.S.A. 1985 Firebird Software
Robot Odyssey  is browser playable.Robot Odyssey 1985 Learning Company, The
Rocky's Boots is browser playable.Rocky's Boots 1985 Learning Company, The
Romantic Encounters at the Dome is browser playable.Romantic Encounters at the Dome 1985 Lee Thomas
Sam Spade is browser playable.Sam Spade 1985 Sanborn Software Systems
Sea Speller   is browser playable.Sea Speller 1985 Fisher-Price
SGames- Artillery, Bomber, Mastermind is browser playable.SGames- Artillery, Bomber, Mastermind 1985 Anonymous
Sherlock Holmes- Another Bow is browser playable.Sherlock Holmes- Another Bow 1985 Bantam Electronic Publishing
Slither is browser playable.Slither 1985 Brian Bakken
Star Turkey is browser playable.Star Turkey 1985 Peter Schweiss
Telengard is browser playable.Telengard 1985 Avalon Hill
Telengard v5.03 is browser playable.Telengard v5.03 1985 Avalon Hill
Temple of Apshai Trilogy is browser playable.Temple of Apshai Trilogy 1985 Epyx, Inc., Keypunch Software, Inc.
Tennis is browser playable.Tennis 1985 Imagic
Terror in the Ice Caverns is browser playable.Terror in the Ice Caverns 1985 Agency Automation

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