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Spanish DOS Games

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is browser playable.20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1988 Coktel Vision
25 is browser playable.25 1998 Devilish Games
3-D Body Adventure is browser playable.3-D Body Adventure 1994 Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
3X8 is browser playable.3X8 1992 Circulo ASM
4x4 Team is browser playable.4x4 Team 1988 Infodisc
64 is browser playable.64 2000 Jarel
7 Colors is browser playable.7 Colors 1991 Infogrames Europe SA
A la carrera is browser playable.A la carrera 1991 Ediciones Manali, S.A.
Abadia del Crimen, La is browser playable.Abadia del Crimen, La 1987 Opera Soft
Abadia del Crimen, La Remake is browser playable.Abadia del Crimen, La Remake 2000 Opera Soft S.A., Antonio Giner Gonzalez
Abandoned Places- A Time for Heroes is browser playable.Abandoned Places- A Time for Heroes 1992 ICE Ltd.
ACCEsinato is browser playable.ACCEsinato 1996 ISXEM Games
Action Sports Soccer is browser playable.Action Sports Soccer 1992 MicroLeague Sports
Adentrator is browser playable.Adentrator 1992 Ediciones Manali, S.A.
Adi  is browser playable.Adi 1991 Coktel Vision
Advanced Galactic Empire is browser playable.Advanced Galactic Empire 1991 Coktel Vision
Adventures of Tintin- Prisoners of the Sun, The is browser playable.Adventures of Tintin- Prisoners of the Sun, The 1997 Infogrames Europe SA
Ahorcado  is browser playable.Ahorcado 1984 Norland Software
Ajedrez is download only. Ajedrez 1988 J.V. Enterprises S.A.
Aladino is browser playable.Aladino 1994 Ediciones Mago S.L.
Alex Dampier Pro Hockey 95 (demo) is browser playable.Alex Dampier Pro Hockey 95 (demo) 1995 Merit Studios (Europe
Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America, The - Doctor Doom's Revenge is browser playable.Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America, The - Doctor Doom's Revenge 1991 Paragon Software Corporation
Amazing Spider-Man, The is browser playable.Amazing Spider-Man, The 1990 Paragon Software Corporation
Amo del Mundo is browser playable.Amo del Mundo 1990 Positive Software
Angel Nieto Pole 500 is browser playable.Angel Nieto Pole 500 1990 Opera Soft S.A.
Antes is browser playable.Antes 2001 Jarel
Arctic Moves is browser playable.Arctic Moves 1995 Dinamic Multimedia, S.A.
Army Moves is browser playable.Army Moves 1989 Dinamic Software
Aspar GP Master (CGA) is browser playable.Aspar GP Master (CGA) 1989 Dinamic Software
Aspar GP Master (EGA) is download only. Aspar GP Master (EGA) 1989 Dinamic Software
Asterix Operation Getafix is browser playable.Asterix Operation Getafix 1989 Coktel Vision
Auto Cras is browser playable.Auto Cras 1991 Zigurat
Aventura del Castillo del Vampiro is browser playable.Aventura del Castillo del Vampiro 2000 Anonymous
Aventura en Wildland is browser playable.Aventura en Wildland 1989 Infodisc
Aventura Espacial, La is browser playable.Aventura Espacial, La 1990 Aventuras AD
Aventura Original, La is browser playable.Aventura Original, La 1989 Aventuras AD
Averno is browser playable.Averno 1989 Proein, PJ soft
Baby Jo in- Going Home is browser playable.Baby Jo in- Going Home 1991 Loriciel SA
Ball Breakers Corp. is browser playable.Ball Breakers Corp. 1993 Kronos
Ball Game, The is download only. Ball Game, The 1991 Electronic Zoo
Barbarian Quest is browser playable.Barbarian Quest 1995 Darkkat Adventures
Beneath a Steel Sky  is browser playable.Beneath a Steel Sky 1994 Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Best Drive is browser playable.Best Drive 199x Anonymous
Biblioteca, La is browser playable.Biblioteca, La 2000 Jarel
Bios is browser playable.Bios 1990 Ediciones Manali, S.A.

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