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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Napoleon in Russia- Borodino 1812 is browser playable.Napoleon in Russia- Borodino 1812 1988 Datasoft, Inc.
Napoleon vs. the Evil Monarchies- Austerlitz 1805 is browser playable.Napoleon vs. the Evil Monarchies- Austerlitz 1805 1989 Cornerstone Software
Nations and Capitals  is browser playable.Nations and Capitals 1987 Softdisk Publishing
Naval War Simulator is browser playable.Naval War Simulator 1985 Shadow Mountain Software
Navcom-6 is browser playable.Navcom-6 1988 Cosmi Corporation
Navy Seal  is browser playable.Navy Seal 1989 Cosmi Corporation
NCR Golf is browser playable.NCR Golf 1985 NCR Corp.
Nebula is browser playable.Nebula 1988 Conrad Button
Nebulus is browser playable.Nebulus 1987 Hewson Consultants Ltd.
Nectar of the Gods is browser playable.Nectar of the Gods 1987 Doug Rogers
Neergestort op de maan is download only. Neergestort op de maan 2003 Pieter Simoons
Nemesis  is browser playable.Nemesis 1988 Toyogo, Inc.
NEMESIS, the Go Master is browser playable.NEMESIS, the Go Master 1984 Bruce Wilcox
Nephew's Puzzle Pack  is browser playable.Nephew's Puzzle Pack 2001 Nephewsoft
Nerm of Bemer is browser playable.Nerm of Bemer 1988 Mike D. Therien
Netherworld is browser playable.Netherworld 1989 Hewson Consultants Ltd.
Neurobics is browser playable.Neurobics 1988 Ocean Isle Software
Neuromancer is browser playable.Neuromancer 1989 Interplay Productions, Inc.
New Tetris is browser playable.New Tetris 1988 Anonymous
New Year's Mystery is browser playable.New Year's Mystery 2007 Profile Games
NewTrek is browser playable.NewTrek 1982 R.H. Johnson
NFL Challenge is browser playable.NFL Challenge 1985 XOR Corporation
NFL Pro League Football is browser playable.NFL Pro League Football 1989 Data East Corporation
Nibbler is browser playable.Nibbler 2003 Chris Allen
Night Bomber is browser playable.Night Bomber 1988 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Night Fire is browser playable.Night Fire 1986 WallyWare
Night Mission (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Night Mission (Pinball Construction Set) 1986 Jim Leonard
Night Mission Pinball is browser playable.Night Mission Pinball 1982 subLOGIC
Night Raider is browser playable.Night Raider 1988 U.S. Gold Ltd.
Night Stalker   is browser playable.Night Stalker 1983 Mattel Electronics
NightHunter is browser playable.NightHunter 1988 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Nim is browser playable.Nim 1982 J. E. Steitz
Nine Princes in Amber is browser playable.Nine Princes in Amber 1985 Telarium Corp.
Ninja is browser playable.Ninja 1986 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Ninja II is browser playable.Ninja II 2005 Paul Allen Panks
Ninja v1.30 is browser playable.Ninja v1.30 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Ninja v1.32 is browser playable.Ninja v1.32 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Niosa  is browser playable.Niosa 1987 Orphie Neathery
Nirvana is browser playable.Nirvana 1989 Wimsey Co.
Nirvana - An Adventure in the World of Wimsey  is browser playable.Nirvana - An Adventure in the World of Wimsey 1988 Wimsey Co.
Nobunaga's Ambition is browser playable.Nobunaga's Ambition 1988 KOEI Co., Ltd.
Nobunaga's Ambition 2 is browser playable.Nobunaga's Ambition 2 1989 KOEI Co., Ltd.
Noid, The (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Noid, The (Pinball Construction Set) 1986 A.W.
Nomon is browser playable.Nomon 1989 Renard Dellafave
Non Compos Mentis 2 is browser playable.Non Compos Mentis 2 19xx Nigel Grange

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