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1996 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
16 is browser playable.16 1996 Alexander Gogava
2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet) is browser playable.2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet) 1996 Nexus Interact Corp., 3G Group
3 Skulls of the Toltecs is browser playable.3 Skulls of the Toltecs 1996 Warner Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
3-D TableSports is browser playable.3-D TableSports 1996 Time Warner Interactive Ltd.
3D Dungeon RPG Maker is browser playable.3D Dungeon RPG Maker 1996 MIR Game & Communication
3D Tetris  is browser playable.3D Tetris 1996 Opiate Productions
5 x 5 Wygrajmy razem is browser playable.5 x 5 Wygrajmy razem 1996 Pawel Kolega
Abmis the Lion is browser playable.Abmis the Lion 1996 Button Software
Absolute Pinball is browser playable.Absolute Pinball 1996 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.
ACCEsinato is browser playable.ACCEsinato 1996 ISXEM Games
Aces High- The True Air Duel Simulator is browser playable.Aces High- The True Air Duel Simulator 1996 Cadaver
Akeulugseuui Moheom (Adventure of Acrux) is browser playable.Akeulugseuui Moheom (Adventure of Acrux) 1996 Screen Adventure Book
Albion  is browser playable.Albion 1996 Blue Byte Software, Inc.
Alex David - Bane of Suburbia is browser playable.Alex David - Bane of Suburbia 1996 Ryan Doromal
Alien Incident  is browser playable.Alien Incident 1996 GameTek, Inc.
Alien Trilogy is browser playable.Alien Trilogy 1996 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Amok is download only. Amok 1996 Scavenger, Inc.
Angst - Rahz's Revenge  is browser playable.Angst - Rahz's Revenge 1996 SoftKey Multimedia Inc., The Learning Company, Inc.
Apocalypse Cow is browser playable.Apocalypse Cow 1996 Pinata Fatala
Armageddon Hondon Sog-euro (Demo) is download only. Armageddon Hondon Sog-euro (Demo) 1996 Pantech Corporation
Assault Rigs is browser playable.Assault Rigs 1996 Psygnosis Limited
Asteroid  is browser playable.Asteroid 1996 A. Uhlmann
Asteroids3D is download only. Asteroids3D 1996 Christian Rogge
AstroRock is download only. AstroRock 1996 Logicware, Inc.
AUTS - tAAt Level Pack #1 is download only. AUTS - tAAt Level Pack #1 1996 tArzAn tuotanto
Badman II- He's Back Again! is browser playable.Badman II- He's Back Again! 1996 PPPTeam
Badman III- Badboys Are Back! is browser playable.Badman III- Badboys Are Back! 1996 PPPTeam
Balltris is browser playable.Balltris 1996 L.K. Avalon
Batman Forever is download only. Batman Forever 1996 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Batman Forever- The Arcade Game is download only. Batman Forever- The Arcade Game 1996 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Battle Arena Toshinden  is browser playable.Battle Arena Toshinden 1996 Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Battle Ship  is browser playable.Battle Ship 1996 Marco Chiesi
Battlecraft is download only. Battlecraft 1996 Seah Boon Siew
Battlecruiser 3000AD is download only. Battlecruiser 3000AD 1996 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Battling Butlers is download only. Battling Butlers 1996 Makh-Shevet
Bible Master 2- The Chaos of Aglia is browser playable.Bible Master 2- The Chaos of Aglia 1996 Glodia
Biliardo is browser playable.Biliardo 1996 Marco Chiesi
Blast Chamber (demo) is download only. Blast Chamber (demo) 1996 Activision, Inc.
Blood and Magic is download only. Blood and Magic 1996 Interplay Productions Ltd.
Blood Monsters 2- Brutal Games is browser playable.Blood Monsters 2- Brutal Games 1996 Blood Software
Body Slam Wrestling is browser playable.Body Slam Wrestling 1996 L.K. Avalon
Boulder Dash 12h is browser playable.Boulder Dash 12h 1996 Simon Kagstrom
Bounce is browser playable.Bounce 1996 WtB
Brandish is browser playable.Brandish 1996 Nihon Falcom, Tan Ton Nerw Information Co. Ltd.
Broken String, The - The Punk Adventure is download only. Broken String, The - The Punk Adventure 1996 Harel Malka, Ran Kramer

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