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DOS GAME Copyright
10Rogue is browser playable.10Rogue Codebusters, Inc.
2400 A.D. is browser playable.2400 A.D. ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
3D Dungeon RPG Maker is browser playable.3D Dungeon RPG Maker MIR Game & Communication
50 Mission Crush is browser playable.50 Mission Crush Strategic Simulations, Inc.
A Candle in the Dark  is browser playable.A Candle in the Dark Bright & Psycho Software Inc.
Abandoned Places- A Time for Heroes is browser playable.Abandoned Places- A Time for Heroes ICE Ltd.
Addiction of Ularn, The is browser playable.Addiction of Ularn, The Satyr
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Collector's Edition) is browser playable.Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Collector's Edition) WizardWorks Software
Advanced Xoru  is browser playable.Advanced Xoru Castle Technologies Company
Akalabeth Remake is browser playable.Akalabeth Remake Jeffrey Hoeksma
Akalabeth- World of Doom is browser playable.Akalabeth- World of Doom California Pacific Computer
Albion  is browser playable.Albion Blue Byte Software, Inc.
Aleshar- The World of Ice  is browser playable.Aleshar- The World of Ice Hypothermia
Alien Fires- 2199 AD is browser playable.Alien Fires- 2199 AD Paragon Software Corporation
Alone in the Dark is browser playable.Alone in the Dark Infogrames
Alternate Reality- The City (EGA) is browser playable.Alternate Reality- The City (EGA) Datasoft, Inc.
Amaranth III is browser playable.Amaranth III Fuga System, Tan Ton Nerw Information Co. Ltd.
Amberstar is browser playable.Amberstar Thalion Software
Amulet of Yendor is browser playable.Amulet of Yendor Keypunch Software, Inc.
Amulets & Armor is browser playable.Amulets & Armor United Software Artists
Amulets & Armor Classic  is browser playable.Amulets & Armor Classic Exiguus Entertainment
Ancient Heroes is browser playable.Ancient Heroes Mark Henshaw
Ancients 1- Death Watch is browser playable.Ancients 1- Death Watch Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Ancients II- Approaching Evil is browser playable.Ancients II- Approaching Evil Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Angband  is browser playable.Angband Alex Cutler, Andy Astrand
Arc Legacy, The  is browser playable.Arc Legacy, The Mark Hall
ARC Network, The Demo #2 is browser playable.ARC Network, The Demo #2 Mark Hall
Autoduel is browser playable.Autoduel ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
B.A.T. is browser playable.B.A.T. Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
B.A.T. (CGA-EGA-Tandy) is browser playable.B.A.T. (CGA-EGA-Tandy) Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Bandit Kings of Ancient China is browser playable.Bandit Kings of Ancient China KOEI Co., Ltd.
Baoxiao Shaolin-si (Comedy Shaolin Temple) is browser playable.Baoxiao Shaolin-si (Comedy Shaolin Temple) Dynasty International Information Co., Ltd.
Bard's Tale III- Thief of Fate, The  is browser playable.Bard's Tale III- Thief of Fate, The Electronic Arts, Inc.
Battle Arena is browser playable.Battle Arena Venosoft
BattleTech- The Crescent Hawk's Inception is browser playable.BattleTech- The Crescent Hawk's Inception Infocom, Inc.
Beneath Apple Manor is browser playable.Beneath Apple Manor Quality Software
Betrayal at Krondor is browser playable.Betrayal at Krondor Dynamix, Inc.
Bible Master is browser playable.Bible Master Glodia, KCT
Bible Master 2- The Chaos of Aglia is browser playable.Bible Master 2- The Chaos of Aglia Glodia
Black Orb, The is browser playable.Black Orb, The Carl Erikson
Black Skull is browser playable.Black Skull Iodine Software, Ben Dacko
Blind Justice  is browser playable.Blind Justice R.A.W. Entertainment, Inc.
Bloodwych is browser playable.Bloodwych Konami, Inc.
Bob's Dragon Hunt is browser playable.Bob's Dragon Hunt Neurosport
Bones- The Game of the Haunted Mansion is browser playable.Bones- The Game of the Haunted Mansion Bruce N. Baker

345 RPG DOS Games

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