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DOS GAME Year Copyright
A Candle in the Dark  is browser playable.A Candle in the Dark 2000 Bright & Psycho Software Inc.
A Chain Reaction System is browser playable.A Chain Reaction System 1997 Ultisoft, Inc.
A Fable  is browser playable.A Fable 1985 Stan Heller
A la carrera is browser playable.A la carrera 1991 Ediciones Manali, S.A.
A la poursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le monde is browser playable.A la poursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le monde 1990 Broderbund Software, Inc.
A Matter of Time is browser playable.A Matter of Time 1995 Michael Zerbo
A Mind Forever Voyaging is browser playable.A Mind Forever Voyaging 1985 Infocom, Inc.
A Night With Troi is browser playable.A Night With Troi 1988 BadMan
A Nightmare on Elm Street is browser playable.A Nightmare on Elm Street 1989 Monarch Development
A Quick Run Around the House is browser playable.A Quick Run Around the House 1991 Roger Kenner
A Twist of Fate  is browser playable.A Twist of Fate 1991 The 2 Benz Programming Group
A.J.'s World of Discovery is browser playable.A.J.'s World of Discovery 1992 Coktel Vision
A-10 Tank Killer is browser playable.A-10 Tank Killer 1991 Dynamix, Inc.
A320 Airbus (Edition Europa) is browser playable.A320 Airbus (Edition Europa) 1991 Thalion Software
A320 Airbus (Edition USA) is browser playable.A320 Airbus (Edition USA) 1993 Thalion Software
A320 Airbus European Mission Disk is browser playable.A320 Airbus European Mission Disk 1993 Thalion Software
A4 Racer  is browser playable.A4 Racer 2000 IJskast
AAARGH! is browser playable.AAARGH! 1988 Arcadia Systems, Inc.
Aardvark Attack is browser playable.Aardvark Attack 1984 Compute! Publications, Inc.
Abadia del Crimen, La is browser playable.Abadia del Crimen, La 1987 Opera Soft
Abadia del Crimen, La Remake is browser playable.Abadia del Crimen, La Remake 2000 Opera Soft S.A., Antonio Giner Gonzalez
Abandoned Places- A Time for Heroes is browser playable.Abandoned Places- A Time for Heroes 1992 ICE Ltd.
Abbey, The is browser playable.Abbey, The 1993 Art LaFrana
Abbie   is browser playable.Abbie 2001 Kovacs Zoltan
ABC   is browser playable.ABC 1994 Nikita Ltd.
ABC Fun Keys is browser playable.ABC Fun Keys 1989 Courtney E. Krehbiel
ABC Monday Night Football (demo) is browser playable.ABC Monday Night Football (demo) 1989 Data East Corporation
ABC Paint  is browser playable.ABC Paint 1991 Belinda D. Aboshanab
ABC Wide World Of Sports Boxing is browser playable.ABC Wide World Of Sports Boxing 1991 Data East USA, Inc.
ABC's For Toddlers is browser playable.ABC's For Toddlers 1991 Rickers Software
ABCs, The is browser playable.ABCs, The 1991 AAT
ABC-Talk  is browser playable.ABC-Talk 1991 Creative Educational Software, Inc.
Abenteuer Atlantis is browser playable.Abenteuer Atlantis 1992 Knorr-Nahrmittel AG
Abmis the Lion is browser playable.Abmis the Lion 1996 Button Software
Abrams Battle Tank is browser playable.Abrams Battle Tank 1989 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Absolute Pinball is browser playable.Absolute Pinball 1996 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.
Absorb is browser playable.Absorb 2003 DigitalChaos
ACCEsinato is browser playable.ACCEsinato 1996 ISXEM Games
Accordion is browser playable.Accordion 1989 George Leritte
Accordion Solitaire is browser playable.Accordion Solitaire 1988 Raymond M. Buti
Ace 2 is browser playable.Ace 2 1987 Artronic Limited
ACE- Air Combat Emulator is browser playable.ACE- Air Combat Emulator 1987 Spinnaker Software Corporation
Ace of Aces is browser playable.Ace of Aces 1987 Accolade, Inc.
Ace of Aces (EGA) is browser playable.Ace of Aces (EGA) 1987 Accolade, Inc.
Aces High- The True Air Duel Simulator is browser playable.Aces High- The True Air Duel Simulator 1996 Cadaver

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