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Chinese DOS Games

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18th Airborne is browser playable.18th Airborne 1993 Spectrum Information
2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet) is browser playable.2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet) 1996 Nexus Interact Corp., 3G Group
3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjyo is browser playable.3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjyo 1993 Unalis Corporation
4 River Mahjong is browser playable.4 River Mahjong 1993 Hantang
Act of Fighter is browser playable.Act of Fighter 1994 Softstar Information Co., Ltd.
Air Dominance 2 is browser playable.Air Dominance 2 1994 KOEI Corporation
Alchemist  is download only. Alchemist 1998 Warp Power Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Amaranth III is browser playable.Amaranth III 1995 Fuga System, Tan Ton Nerw Information Co. Ltd.
Ambush at Sorinor is download only. Ambush at Sorinor 1993 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
An Ch`i Sheng Shou (Virtuoso Chess) is browser playable.An Ch`i Sheng Shou (Virtuoso Chess) 1995 Chi Ton Software
Angel Wrestling is browser playable.Angel Wrestling 1993 Greap
Baoxiao Duobiqiu (Panda Dodgeball) is browser playable.Baoxiao Duobiqiu (Panda Dodgeball) 1994 Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.
Baoxiao Sanguo-zhi (Comedy Three Kingdoms) is browser playable.Baoxiao Sanguo-zhi (Comedy Three Kingdoms) 1994 Dynasty
Battle Europe is browser playable.Battle Europe 1993 T-Time Technology Corp.
Beauty Story is browser playable.Beauty Story 1993 Anonymous
Beauty Terminator is browser playable.Beauty Terminator 1994 Tan Ton Nerw Information Co., Ltd.
Biaoche Xiaozi (Racing Boy Poker) is browser playable.Biaoche Xiaozi (Racing Boy Poker) 1994 OZ Information
Big2 is download only. Big2 1993 T-Time Technology Corp.
Blue Garnet is browser playable.Blue Garnet 199x Game Box
Brandish is browser playable.Brandish 1996 Nihon Falcom, Tan Ton Nerw Information Co. Ltd.
Bubu Chuang Tongguan is download only. Bubu Chuang Tongguan 1995 Acer TWP
Bus Empire is browser playable.Bus Empire 1994 T-Time Technology Corp.
Championship Mahjong is browser playable.Championship Mahjong 1991 Softstar Entertainment Inc.
Chaoji Guanlan Dasai (Super Slam-Dunk Contest) is browser playable.Chaoji Guanlan Dasai (Super Slam-Dunk Contest) 1995 Soft-World International
Chetris is browser playable.Chetris 1995 T-Time Technology Corp.
Chi Tian Zhi-Yi (Palerotia- The Endless Legend) is browser playable.Chi Tian Zhi-Yi (Palerotia- The Endless Legend) 1996 Fun Yours Technology Co. Ltd., Fullsoft Co., Ltd.
Chibi Zhi Zhan (Battle of Red Cliffs) is browser playable.Chibi Zhi Zhan (Battle of Red Cliffs) 1995 Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.
China Number One is browser playable.China Number One 1997 Anonymous
Chinese Professional Baseball League is browser playable.Chinese Professional Baseball League 1993 Soft-World Technology Co., Ltd.
City Hunter is browser playable.City Hunter 1993 Anonymous
Colonial Project is browser playable.Colonial Project 1996 T-Time Technology Corp.
Crazy Bomber is browser playable.Crazy Bomber 1992 Dynasty
Crazy Hospital 2 - Super Doctor is browser playable.Crazy Hospital 2 - Super Doctor 1995 Kingformation Software, Inc.
Cross Poker (Pai Pai Le) is browser playable.Cross Poker (Pai Pai Le) 1996 T-Time Technology Co., Ltd.
Cross the Seven Ocean is browser playable.Cross the Seven Ocean 1992 Softstar Entertainment Inc.
CRW Metal Jacket is browser playable.CRW Metal Jacket 1995 Wiz, Hwaei International
Da-fuweng 3 (Rich 3) is browser playable.Da-fuweng 3 (Rich 3) 1996 SoftStar Entertainment
Danger Zone is browser playable.Danger Zone 1993 Horng Shen Information Co., Ltd.
Dawn Raider is browser playable.Dawn Raider 1990 Softstar Entertainment Inc.
Daya Fengyun (Daya-Cloudy) is browser playable.Daya Fengyun (Daya-Cloudy) 1994 Orient Studio, Third Wave
Dead Force is browser playable.Dead Force 1995 Fuga System, Tan Ton Nerw Information Co. Ltd.
DOMO is browser playable.DOMO 1993 Softstar Entertainment Inc.
Dongding Solitaire 777 is browser playable.Dongding Solitaire 777 1995 T-Time Technology Corp.
Dragon Fighter is browser playable.Dragon Fighter 1990 Kingformation Co. LTD
Dragon Fighter II is browser playable.Dragon Fighter II 1990 Kingformation Co. LTD

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