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Strategy DOS Games. Page 1 of 40

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DOS GAME Copyright
1 Star  is browser playable.1 Star Jungge Team
1000 is browser playable.1000 E. Pristupa
15 Move Hole Puzzle is browser playable.15 Move Hole Puzzle DEMONsoft
15 Puzzle, The is browser playable.15 Puzzle, The Dale Dewey
15 x 15 is browser playable.15 x 15 Nikita Ltd.
16 is browser playable.16 Alexander Gogava
1830- Railroads & Robber Barons is browser playable.1830- Railroads & Robber Barons The Avalon Hill Game Company
1869 is browser playable.1869 Max Design GesMBH
1993TRIS is browser playable.1993TRIS Young K. Chung
1996- The Seeds of Armageddon is browser playable.1996- The Seeds of Armageddon Aurorasoft
1998 Amerika vA.01  is browser playable.1998 Amerika vA.01 Pasadena Software
21 is browser playable.21 PCC, Inc.
21 For 1 To 4 is browser playable.21 For 1 To 4 John Klein
21-en is browser playable.21-en HVB
221 B Baker St. is browser playable.221 B Baker St. Datasoft, Inc.
2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet) is browser playable.2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet) Nexus Interact Corp., 3G Group
3 Card High Low Poker is browser playable.3 Card High Low Poker Ken Firch
3 Weighs is browser playable.3 Weighs Dave Dethlefs
3D Lemmings (2HD Demo)  is browser playable.3D Lemmings (2HD Demo) Psygnosis Limited
3D Lemmings CD Demo  is browser playable.3D Lemmings CD Demo Psygnosis Ltd.
3D Lemmings Winterland  is browser playable.3D Lemmings Winterland Psygnosis Limited
3D Missle  is browser playable.3D Missle Aaron Alderman
3-D Pitfall is browser playable.3-D Pitfall J. Shramko
3D Tetris  is browser playable.3D Tetris Opiate Productions
3D Tic-Tac-Toe is browser playable.3D Tic-Tac-Toe Reza Beheshti
3Detris is browser playable.3Detris Vadim Madgazin
3D-Mania  is browser playable.3D-Mania Microtech AG
3-Doxo is browser playable.3-Doxo Ben Sinclair
3DWalls is browser playable.3DWalls Anonymous
3Fold  is browser playable.3Fold Dan Sharpe
3X8 is browser playable.3X8 Circulo ASM
4 Queens Computer Casino  is browser playable.4 Queens Computer Casino Applications Plus, Inc.
4 River Mahjong is browser playable.4 River Mahjong Hantang
4D Sports - Boxing is browser playable.4D Sports - Boxing Mindscape International Ltd.
4-Get-It is browser playable.4-Get-It TTR Development
4-In-A-Row is browser playable.4-In-A-Row Conquest Software
4is256 is browser playable.4is256 Rrrola
4-Mok is browser playable.4-Mok Family Production
4th & Inches is browser playable.4th & Inches Accolade, Inc.
5 x 5 Wygrajmy razem is browser playable.5 x 5 Wygrajmy razem Pawel Kolega
5-Letter-Kruiswoord is browser playable.5-Letter-Kruiswoord HVB
5th Fleet is browser playable.5th Fleet The Avalon Hill Game Company
5X is browser playable.5X Speem Clinkenpeel
64 is browser playable.64 Jarel
7 Card Stud is browser playable.7 Card Stud The WorkWare Co.

1790 Strategy DOS Games

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