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"B" DOS Games, Page 1 of 16

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
B.A.D. is browser playable.B.A.D. 1997 Webfoot Technologies, Inc.
B.A.T. is browser playable.B.A.T. 1990 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
B.A.T. (CGA-EGA-Tandy) is browser playable.B.A.T. (CGA-EGA-Tandy) 1990 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
B-1 Nuclear Bomber is browser playable.B-1 Nuclear Bomber 1983 Avalon Hill
B-17 Flying Fortress is download only. B-17 Flying Fortress 1992 MicroProse Software, Inc.
B24 is browser playable.B24 1988 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
B-7  is browser playable.B-7 1995 Idee Software
Baal is browser playable.Baal 1988 Psygnosis Limited
Baby Jo in- Going Home is browser playable.Baby Jo in- Going Home 1991 Loriciel SA
Baby Type is browser playable.Baby Type 1993 DOKA Company
Baccarat is browser playable.Baccarat 1986 Raymond M. Buti
Bacillus Wars '97 is browser playable.Bacillus Wars '97 1997 Yu Chin-woo
Back Alley (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Back Alley (Pinball Construction Set) 198x SomeWare
Back to the Future Part II is browser playable.Back to the Future Part II 1990 Image Works
Back to the Future Part III is browser playable.Back to the Future Part III 1991 Image Works, Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Back to the Moon  is download only. Back to the Moon 1997 Ricardo A. Barijan
Backgamm is download only. Backgamm 1992 Willy Chapman
Backgammon is browser playable.Backgammon 1982 C&C Software
Backgammon Royale is browser playable.Backgammon Royale 1990 Oxford Softworks
Backgammon! is browser playable.Backgammon! 1987 ShareData, Inc.
Backgammon, Cribbage & Draughts  is browser playable.Backgammon, Cribbage & Draughts 1991 Kirsta Computers
BackGround Tetris is browser playable.BackGround Tetris 1993 AlexGraf
Backlash - A Turret Gunner Simulation   is browser playable.Backlash - A Turret Gunner Simulation 1995 Sanctuary Software Studio, Inc.
Backman is browser playable.Backman 1998 ISO
Backyard, The is browser playable.Backyard, The 1993 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Bad Blood is browser playable.Bad Blood 1990 ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Bad Dudes is browser playable.Bad Dudes 1988 Data East USA, Inc.
Bad Machine  is browser playable.Bad Machine 1998 Dan Shiovitz
Bad Street Brawler is download only. Bad Street Brawler 1987 Mindscape, Inc.
Bad-Bad is browser playable.Bad-Bad 1986 Jonathan Stanley
Badman is browser playable.Badman 1995 PPPTeam
Badman II- He's Back Again! is browser playable.Badman II- He's Back Again! 1996 PPPTeam
Badman III- Badboys Are Back! is browser playable.Badman III- Badboys Are Back! 1996 PPPTeam
Bag Of Marbles  is browser playable.Bag Of Marbles 1990 Dennis Iannicca
Bagels  is browser playable.Bagels 2000 Bob Sorem
Baghdad is browser playable.Baghdad 1991 Susan Roosevelt
Bakbo Jang-gi is browser playable.Bakbo Jang-gi 1995 DTA
Bakuen Sakuru is browser playable.Bakuen Sakuru 2000 Hyper Anime
Balance is browser playable.Balance 1993 Kingsoft GmbH
Balance of the Planet is browser playable.Balance of the Planet 1990 Chris Crawford
Balda is browser playable.Balda 1993 Gamos
Baldies is download only. Baldies 1995 Panasonic Interactive Media
Baldies (demo) is browser playable.Baldies (demo) 1995 GameTek, Inc.
Ball is browser playable.Ball 1982 Tom Springall
Ball Blazing Fantasy is browser playable.Ball Blazing Fantasy 2003 Lachie Dazdarian

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