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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Galaxy is browser playable.Galaxy 1981 Avalon Hill
Gamez is browser playable.Gamez 2000 NeuroLake Software
Garamond is browser playable.Garamond 1991 White Obsidian Software
Genius baby big attack is browser playable.Genius baby big attack 1995 Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.
Getfeldt's Treasure is browser playable.Getfeldt's Treasure 2006 Mike Salisbury
Gettysburg- The Turning Point is browser playable.Gettysburg- The Turning Point 1986 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Ghalim De Donkere, Deel 1 - De Reis is browser playable.Ghalim De Donkere, Deel 1 - De Reis 1989 Lasido R. Famisol
Ghalim De Donkere, Deel 2 - De Burcht is browser playable.Ghalim De Donkere, Deel 2 - De Burcht 1989 Lasido R. Famisol
Ghost of the Fireflies  is browser playable.Ghost of the Fireflies 2007 Paul Allen Panks
Giantkiller is browser playable.Giantkiller 1987 Topologika Software Ltd.
Giddy 3- The Retro Eggsperience is browser playable.Giddy 3- The Retro Eggsperience 2000 Phil Ruston
Gin Rummy Challenge is browser playable.Gin Rummy Challenge 1989 Jim Cody
Global Thermonuclear War is browser playable.Global Thermonuclear War 1988 Anonymous
Gloom is browser playable.Gloom 2010 Acord Games
Gnafu   is browser playable.Gnafu 1986 Anonymous
Gnome Ranger II- Ingrid's Back! is browser playable.Gnome Ranger II- Ingrid's Back! 1988 Level 9 Computing, Ltd.
GNU Chess is browser playable.GNU Chess 1987 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Go is browser playable.Go 1988 Anonymous
Gokkast is browser playable.Gokkast 1988 R. van der Wal
Gold Hunt is browser playable.Gold Hunt 2007 JALI Software
Golden Fleece, The is browser playable.Golden Fleece, The 1989 Jim MacBrayne
Golden French Fry, The  is browser playable.Golden French Fry, The 2004 Paul Allen Panks
Gold-Miner is browser playable.Gold-Miner 1987 Raphael Salgado
Gomoku is browser playable.Gomoku 1986 Anonymous
Gonzzalezz is browser playable.Gonzzalezz 1989 Opera Soft
Goody is browser playable.Goody 1987 Opera Soft
Googol Math Games is browser playable.Googol Math Games 1989 Paul T. Dawson
Gouden Kelk, De is browser playable.Gouden Kelk, De 1987 Anonymous
Grand Prix is browser playable.Grand Prix 1989 Wizard Games of Scotland, Ltd.
Grand Prix Circuit is browser playable.Grand Prix Circuit 1988 Accolade, Inc.
Grand Slam Bridge is browser playable.Grand Slam Bridge 1986 Cybron Corporation
Granny's Place is browser playable.Granny's Place 1983 Temple Software, Inc.
Gravity Force  is browser playable.Gravity Force 2000 Jens Hassler
Great Courts is browser playable.Great Courts 1989 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Great Machine, The is browser playable.Great Machine, The 2005 Jonas Kyratzes
Green Falls is browser playable.Green Falls 2006 Paul Allen Panks
Green Life v1.2 is browser playable.Green Life v1.2 1988 Alan Farmer
Green Saucer  is browser playable.Green Saucer 1996 Alexandr Gogava
Gremlins is browser playable.Gremlins 1984 Atarisoft
Grime is browser playable.Grime 1984 Damar, Mark Elendt
Grover's Animal Adventures is browser playable.Grover's Animal Adventures 1987 Hi-Tech Expression
Guerrilla War is browser playable.Guerrilla War 1987 Data East USA, Inc.
Guess the Animal is browser playable.Guess the Animal 1986 John D. Kelner
Guillermo Tell is browser playable.Guillermo Tell 1989 Opera Soft

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