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1994 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
1 Star  is browser playable.1 Star 1994 Jungge Team
1942- The Pacific Air War is browser playable.1942- The Pacific Air War 1994 MicroProse Software, Inc.
1993 is browser playable.1993 1994 Iftech-Nikita
1994Pool  is browser playable.1994Pool 1994 Nimano Software
3-D Body Adventure is browser playable.3-D Body Adventure 1994 Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
3D Cyber Blaster is browser playable.3D Cyber Blaster 1994 HomeBrew Software
3Detris is browser playable.3Detris 1994 Vadim Madgazin
4D Prince of Persia is browser playable.4D Prince of Persia 1994 Terebilov K.A., Broderbund Software Inc
5th Fleet is browser playable.5th Fleet 1994 The Avalon Hill Game Company
85(paro)-diusda!) is browser playable.85(paro)-diusda!) 1994 Kaist (Physics Lab
A-Train IV is browser playable.A-Train IV 1994 Artdink, SsangYong, Cheil Computer System
ABC   is browser playable.ABC 1994 Nikita Ltd.
Aces of the Deep v4.27 is browser playable.Aces of the Deep v4.27 1994 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Act of Fighter is browser playable.Act of Fighter 1994 Softstar Information Co., Ltd.
Adult Film Cameraman is browser playable.Adult Film Cameraman 1994 Interactive Girls Club
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Collector's Edition) is browser playable.Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Collector's Edition) 1994 WizardWorks Software
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Edition Vol. 3  is download only. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collectors Edition Vol. 3 1994 WizardWorks Software
Aethra Chronicles, The  is download only. Aethra Chronicles, The 1994 Michael Lawrence
Ahmatti Antero is browser playable.Ahmatti Antero 1994 tArzAn tuatanto
Ai Shimai- Futari no Kajitsu is browser playable.Ai Shimai- Futari no Kajitsu 1994 Silky's
Aim & Shoot is browser playable.Aim & Shoot 1994 Thorsten Langer Software
Air Dominance 2 is browser playable.Air Dominance 2 1994 KOEI Corporation
Air Duel  is browser playable.Air Duel 1994 Chang Gyu. Chae
Airlines  is browser playable.Airlines 1994 Interactivision A-S
Aktie-Bal II   is browser playable.Aktie-Bal II 1994 Idee Software
Aktie-Bal III   is browser playable.Aktie-Bal III 1994 Idee Software
Aktie-Bal   is browser playable.Aktie-Bal 1994 Idee Software
Al-Qadim- The Genie's Curse is download only. Al-Qadim- The Genie's Curse 1994 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Aladino is browser playable.Aladino 1994 Ediciones Mago S.L.
Alien Breed- Tower Assault v1.1 is browser playable.Alien Breed- Tower Assault v1.1 1994 Psygnosis Limited
Alien Carnage is browser playable.Alien Carnage 1994 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Alien Legacy is browser playable.Alien Legacy 1994 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Alien Olympics  is browser playable.Alien Olympics 1994 Mindscape, Inc.
All New World of Lemmings  is browser playable.All New World of Lemmings 1994 Psygnosis Limited
All Quiet is download only. All Quiet 1994 Matt Bell
All-Star Sports Collection is download only. All-Star Sports Collection 1994 Accolade, Inc.
Alphabet Soup is browser playable.Alphabet Soup 1994 Leapfrog Software, Inc.
Ambush at South Range is browser playable.Ambush at South Range 1994 Molnar - Kucalaba Productions
Anatomik is browser playable.Anatomik 1994 Nikita
Animated Addition and Subtraction is download only. Animated Addition and Subtraction 1994 Flix Productions
Animated Bugs is download only. Animated Bugs 1994 Flix Productions
Animated VGA Memory Game is download only. Animated VGA Memory Game 1994 Flix Productions
Anstoss   is browser playable.Anstoss 1994 Ascon GmbH
Ant Attack! is browser playable.Ant Attack! 1994 Dataware
Ant-Life is browser playable.Ant-Life 1994 PC Solutions

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