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1993 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
15 Move Hole Puzzle is browser playable.15 Move Hole Puzzle 1993 DEMONsoft
15 x 15 is browser playable.15 x 15 1993 Nikita Ltd.
18th Airborne is browser playable.18th Airborne 1993 Spectrum Information
1993TRIS is browser playable.1993TRIS 1993 Young K. Chung
3 Point Basketball is browser playable.3 Point Basketball 1993 MVP Software
3-Doxo is browser playable.3-Doxo 1993 Ben Sinclair
3D World Boxing is browser playable.3D World Boxing 1993 Simulmondo
3DLand 1 is browser playable.3DLand 1 1993 Acord Games
3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjyo is browser playable.3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjyo 1993 Unalis Corporation
4 River Mahjong is browser playable.4 River Mahjong 1993 Hantang
4-In-A-Row is browser playable.4-In-A-Row 1993 Conquest Software
7 Star  is browser playable.7 Star 1993 Jung GeTim
A320 Airbus (Edition USA) is browser playable.A320 Airbus (Edition USA) 1993 Thalion Software
A320 Airbus European Mission Disk is browser playable.A320 Airbus European Mission Disk 1993 Thalion Software
Abbey, The is browser playable.Abbey, The 1993 Art LaFrana
Aces Over Europe is browser playable.Aces Over Europe 1993 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Adam's Game  is browser playable.Adam's Game 1993 Adam Brennan
Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian is browser playable.Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian 1993 Game Crafters
Alex Higgins' World Pool is browser playable.Alex Higgins' World Pool 1993 Amstrad
Algoritmika is browser playable.Algoritmika 1993 Institute of New Technologies
Allan Border's Cricket is browser playable.Allan Border's Cricket 1993 Audiogenic Software Ltd.
Ancients 1- Death Watch is browser playable.Ancients 1- Death Watch 1993 Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Ancients II- Approaching Evil is browser playable.Ancients II- Approaching Evil 1993 Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Angband  is browser playable.Angband 1993 Alex Cutler, Andy Astrand
Angel Wrestling is browser playable.Angel Wrestling 1993 Greap
Anyworld 1 is browser playable.Anyworld 1 1993 Acord Games
Arcade Trivia Quiz is browser playable.Arcade Trivia Quiz 1993 Zeppelin Games Limited
Arnie 2 is browser playable.Arnie 2 1993 Celery Software
Avish! is browser playable.Avish! 1993 BUG Multisystem Ltd.
Baby Type is browser playable.Baby Type 1993 DOKA Company
BackGround Tetris is browser playable.BackGround Tetris 1993 AlexGraf
Balda is browser playable.Balda 1993 Gamos
Ball Breakers Corp. is browser playable.Ball Breakers Corp. 1993 Kronos
Balloon Challenge is browser playable.Balloon Challenge 1993 Soleau Software, Inc.
Bar Game of Fantasy is browser playable.Bar Game of Fantasy 1993 Kang Dong Ho
Barbie Super Model is browser playable.Barbie Super Model 1993 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Beat the Bomb   is browser playable.Beat the Bomb 1993 John M. Gallant
Beaubourg is browser playable.Beaubourg 1993 Anonymous
Berlin Wall is browser playable.Berlin Wall 1993 March Street Press
Bert's Prehistoric Animals   is browser playable.Bert's Prehistoric Animals 1993 Wierenga Software
Bilbo is browser playable.Bilbo 1993 Nils Eng
Bio Menace- Episode One- Dr. Mangle's Lab is browser playable.Bio Menace- Episode One- Dr. Mangle's Lab 1993 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Bio Menace- Episode Three- Master Cain is browser playable.Bio Menace- Episode Three- Master Cain 1993 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Bio Menace- Episode Two- The Hidden Lab is browser playable.Bio Menace- Episode Two- The Hidden Lab 1993 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Bipbop II is browser playable.Bipbop II 1993 S&M Software

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