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Enjoy over 7,000 DOS and Windows games in your web browser. Simply click to start playing. Dive into a vast collection of classic DOS games from the past, including rare finds, freeware, shareware, and public domain titles. DOS Game Zone offers an extensive library of retro DOS games spanning from 1980 to 2021, providing entertainment for all ages. Start playing and downloading retro DOS Games now! 7,000+ DOS/Windows games to play direct in your browser. Start playing now!

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News Flash

22 August 2023 - 13,000 Screenshots
Wow, it's already been almost two years since DOS Game Zone was last updated. Today I addedd all the screenshots that have been submitted, since the feauture was added. Games with multiple screenshots have an animated .GIF. Hope this make it easier to find great games.

07 September 2021 - 280 Windows 3.1 Games added
Now you can play 280 classic Windows 3.1 games direct in your browser. Happy DOS Windows gaming.

05 September 2021 - Having issues running games in Windows?
If this sounds familiar choose the Download for Windows option when downloading games. This will download a simple installer that will copy the files, create Start menu items, and most of all allows you to play your favourite DOS games with no additional configuration necessary. The easy installers work on every version of windows from Windows XP to Windows 11.

03 September 2021 - 103 New games
103 games added today. Excelsior, Short Line, Skunny In The Wild West, Bomber, Boomtown, Boulderdash (Remake), Canasta, Capture the Flag, Centix, Centurion, Cervik, Civilization, Cozmo, Dizzy Bubble Dizzy, Dizzy Fantasy, Dizzy Magicland, Dizzy Prince Yolk Folk, Dizzys Fastfood, Dizzys Kwiksnax, Dungeons and Dragons, Kaas, KK Poker, Ladder Man III, Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance, Little People Farm, Mind Shadow, Mini War, Missle Defense, Monkey Blast!, MS Pac PC , Muck Men from Mars, Museum Madness, MUX, Nibbles II: Jake's Revenge, No Future, Pac In Time, Paganitzu, Pang, Pebbles, Pentrex, Pirates Gold, Pizza Worm, Pop Games, Power Putt Golf, Power Shooter Version II, Prince 2: The Duel, R Type, Race the Nags, Skunny Karts, Skunny Save Our Pizzas, Skunny: Back to The Forest, Stickybear Town Builder, Stunts, Sudoku The Mind Game, Super Ball, Super Stardust, Super Tournament Pong, Superfly, Supremacy: You Will Be Done, Teen Agent, Tempest 2000, Tennis PC, Tetrix, The Amazing Adventures of ANSI Dude, The Chaos Engine, Towers, Ultrabots, Uncharted Waters 2, Vaxine, Velcro Mind, VGA Concentrate, VGA Solitaire, Voyages of the Starship Enterprise, War Lords, War Lords II, Warcraft Orcs and Humans, Whizz, Wibbles, Wide World of Sports Boxing, Wild Learning Safari, XCar Experimental Racing, Skunny Desert Raid, Robot Revenge, Rock Man, Rogue: ASCII Dungeon, Russian Front II: The Kursk campaign, S.T.U.N. Runner, Sail, Satori, Fox and Geese, Gemworld, Greeny, Gullivers Discovery Land, Hell Gate, Age of Rifles, Tiro Con Larco, Phoenix Fire Computer Ouija, Ryder Cup, Sexy Stax, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends 2: Thomas Big Race, NewsMaster, WWF In Your House and WWF Wrestlemania. Happy DOS Gaming.

02 September 2021 - 49 New games
49 New DOS Games just added. 18 Hole Miniature Golf, 3D Cube, 3D Pool, 4K Adventure (4KA), 4x4 Off Road Racing, 7 Spirits of Ra, A Bloody Life, ABM , Alien Phobia, All Point Bulletin, Andriod, Ant Run, Anti Ballistic Missile, Argo Checkers, AT Robots, Avoid the Noid, Bat 'n Ball, Battle Tech, Beyond the blackhole, Big Top o' Fun, Carmageddon, Chickens, Crusher Castle II, Day Of The Tentacle Demo, Dig-Dogs, Dotso, Dracula Text Game, Dune 3, Faces, Flipper the Zipper, Little People Main Street, Loader Larry, Mice Men, Skladnik, Sly's Hangman, Snake Panic, Solitaire Suite, Space Invader, Star Glider, Steg the Slug, Tom & Jerry, Tom & Jerry Cat-astrophe, Turbo Outrun, Winged Warrior, Wings of Fury, World Cup Soccer, Worm Wars, Wurm and Zipman III. Happy DOS Gaming.

01 September 2021 - New games
There is now a total of 6,300 Playable games online. The following new games were added today Blam! Machinehead, Grand Theft Auto, Jim Power, Litil Divil, Mutant Penguins, Pickle Wars, Rostov and Weebee Worlds, Happy DOS Gaming

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