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"M" DOS Games, Page 4 of 10

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Mario's Game Gallery is browser playable.Mario's Game Gallery 1995 Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Mario's Time Machine is browser playable.Mario's Time Machine 1993 Software Toolworks, Inc., The
Marioup is browser playable.Marioup 1999 Mastersoft
Marooned Again is browser playable.Marooned Again 1986 Dennis Drew
Marriage is browser playable.Marriage 1993 AF Computers
Mars Trooper  is download only. Mars Trooper 1995 Misha Koshelev
Marshmallow Duel V2.0 is browser playable.Marshmallow Duel V2.0 1997 Duncan Gill
Martian Colony Water Simulator is browser playable.Martian Colony Water Simulator 1989 Alan Meiss
Martian Memorandum is browser playable.Martian Memorandum 1991 Access Software, Inc.
Marvelous Land of Oz, The is browser playable.Marvelous Land of Oz, The 2003 Dorothy and Ozma Productions
Masago) is browser playable.Masago) 1992 J. Brook Monroe (Rinzai Satori
Masque Blackjack 1.10 is download only. Masque Blackjack 1.10 1992 Masque Publishing
Masque Video Poker is browser playable.Masque Video Poker 1991 Masque Publishing
Master is browser playable.Master 1990 Thunderhead Software, Inc.
Master Blaster is browser playable.Master Blaster 1987 Keypunch Software
Master Mind is browser playable.Master Mind 1990 HVB
Master Miner is browser playable.Master Miner 1983 Funtastic, Inc.
Master Mouse is browser playable.Master Mouse 1989 M.I. Dianov, Igor Dianov
Master Ninja- Shadow Warrior of Death is browser playable.Master Ninja- Shadow Warrior of Death 1986 Paragon Software Corporation
Master of Magic is browser playable.Master of Magic 1994 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Master of Monsters- Final- Rings of Twilight is browser playable.Master of Monsters- Final- Rings of Twilight 1992 System Soft, Daou Tech Inc.
Master of Orion is browser playable.Master of Orion 1993 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Master of the Llabyrinth is browser playable.Master of the Llabyrinth 1993 Anonymous
Masterblazer is browser playable.Masterblazer 1991 LucasArts
Masterblazer Gamma release  is browser playable.Masterblazer Gamma release 1991 LucasArts
MasterMind is browser playable.MasterMind 1994 Hannu Terava
Masters of Deflektor  is browser playable.Masters of Deflektor 2007 7 Gods
Masters of the Void is browser playable.Masters of the Void 1998 Ola Ekstrom
Match Day Manager is browser playable.Match Day Manager 1995 Merit Studios (Europe
Match of the Day is browser playable.Match of the Day 1994 Zeppelin Games Limited
Match'em is browser playable.Match'em 1991 Expert Source Code, Inc.
Matching Pairs is browser playable.Matching Pairs 1988 Regans Software
Match-It  is browser playable.Match-It 1996 Philippe Melleret
Mate is browser playable.Mate 1993 VRontier Worlds of Stoughton, Inc.
Mate Porque Era Mia, La is browser playable.Mate Porque Era Mia, La 1995 Ferran Montesinos
Math Ace is browser playable.Math Ace 1993 Sanctuary Woods Multimedia
Math and Logic Games for Kids is browser playable.Math and Logic Games for Kids 1989 KIDware
Math Blaster is download only. Math Blaster 1983 Davidson & Associates
Math Blaster Mystery  is browser playable.Math Blaster Mystery 1989 Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Math Castle is browser playable.Math Castle 1989 PAS Software
Math Class is browser playable.Math Class 1990 Richard Ryznar
Math Explorer, Beat the Bomb  is browser playable.Math Explorer, Beat the Bomb 1995 First Magnitude
Math Happy is browser playable.Math Happy 1991 Michael J. Salera
Math Problem Generator is browser playable.Math Problem Generator 1989 John Pirog
Math Quizzer, The is browser playable.Math Quizzer, The 1989 James Miller

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