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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Magic Candle III, The 1.10 to 1.13 update is browser playable.Magic Candle III, The 1.10 to 1.13 update 1992 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic Candle, The is browser playable.Magic Candle, The 1989 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
Magic Carpet is browser playable.Magic Carpet 1994 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Magic Carpet  (demo) is browser playable.Magic Carpet (demo) 1994 Bullfrog Productions Ltd.
Magic Carpet 2- The Netherworlds is browser playable.Magic Carpet 2- The Netherworlds 1995 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Magic Cloak of Noland, The is browser playable.Magic Cloak of Noland, The 2003 Dorothy and Ozma Productions
Magic Crayon is browser playable.Magic Crayon 1990 Alive Software
Magic Crayon v1.01 is browser playable.Magic Crayon v1.01 1990 Alive Software
Magic Flute, The  is browser playable.Magic Flute, The 2003 Paul Allen Panks
Magic Johnson Basketball is browser playable.Magic Johnson Basketball 1989 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Magic Lamps is browser playable.Magic Lamps 1996 Unicorn
Magic Land 98 is browser playable.Magic Land 98 1997 Robotlandia
Magic Mansion  is browser playable.Magic Mansion 1990 Denise Sawicki
Magic Pockets is browser playable.Magic Pockets 1992 Konami, Inc.
Magic Spells  is browser playable.Magic Spells 1985 Learning Company, The
Magic Toyshop, The is browser playable.Magic Toyshop, The 1995 Gareth Rees
Magicland Dizzy is browser playable.Magicland Dizzy 1993 Codemasters Software Company Limited, The
Magiczne Karty is browser playable.Magiczne Karty 1993 VIPS
Magidash is browser playable.Magidash 1995 Remetix
Magnetic is browser playable.Magnetic 1993 X-ample Architectures
Magnetic Crane is browser playable.Magnetic Crane 1989 Dialog
Magnets  is browser playable.Magnets 1992 Acumen Software
Magus 2nd edition is browser playable.Magus 2nd edition 1995 Ronny Wester
Magus 3rd edition is browser playable.Magus 3rd edition 1997 Ronny Wester
Mah Jongg is browser playable.Mah Jongg 1987 Nels Anderson
Mah Jongg Laptop is browser playable.Mah Jongg Laptop 1989 Ron Balewski
Mah Jongg -V-G-A- is browser playable.Mah Jongg -V-G-A- 1989 Ron Balewski
Mahjong Fantasia 2 is browser playable.Mahjong Fantasia 2 1993 Active Software
Mahjong for One is browser playable.Mahjong for One 1992 LongView Systems
Mahjong House 2 is browser playable.Mahjong House 2 1995 Anonymous
Mahjong Master  is browser playable.Mahjong Master 1996 T-Time Technology Co., Ltd.
Mahjongg is browser playable.Mahjongg 1989 Paul Frattaroli
Mahjongg Houtei Raoyui is browser playable.Mahjongg Houtei Raoyui 1995 Queen-Soft
Maiden is browser playable.Maiden 1982 Firebrand Software
Maitre des Ames, Le is browser playable.Maitre des Ames, Le 1987 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Majik is browser playable.Majik 1990 Chris Busch
Major League Manager  is browser playable.Major League Manager 1986 Spinnaker Software Corporation
Major Marvel   is browser playable.Major Marvel 2009 Acord Games
Major Stryker is browser playable.Major Stryker 1993 Apogee Software, Ltd.
Make Your Own Murder Party is download only. Make Your Own Murder Party 1986 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Maker's Matchup  is browser playable.Maker's Matchup 1997 Dan Sharpe
Malaga is browser playable.Malaga 198x Ugdoms og idrettsavdelingen
Malta Storm is browser playable.Malta Storm 1989 Simulations Canada
Malvin   is browser playable.Malvin 1994 Petr MANDIK MAEL SOFTWARE GR.
Malysh 1   is browser playable.Malysh 1 1994 Nikita

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