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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Malysh 1-3 is browser playable.Malysh 1-3 1994 Nikita Ltd.
Malysh 2   is browser playable.Malysh 2 1994 Nikita
Malysh 3   is browser playable.Malysh 3 1994 Nikita
Mambo is browser playable.Mambo 1989 Positive
Man Who Had A Boat, The is browser playable.Man Who Had A Boat, The 2003 Lachie Dazdarian
Manager, The is browser playable.Manager, The 1991 Software 2000
Manager, The '99 Update is browser playable.Manager, The '99 Update 1999 Software 2000
Manchester United is browser playable.Manchester United 1990 Krisalis Software Ltd.
Manchester United Europe  is browser playable.Manchester United Europe 1992 Krisalis Software Ltd.
Manchester United- The Double is browser playable.Manchester United- The Double 1994 Krisalis Software Ltd.
Mandrake - l'Ombra del Cobra is browser playable.Mandrake - l'Ombra del Cobra 1994 king Features Syndicate, Inc
Mangemot is browser playable.Mangemot 1991 VTA
Mangle   is browser playable.Mangle 1991 Eric Balkan
Manhattan Dealers is browser playable.Manhattan Dealers 1988 Silmarils
Manhole  is browser playable.Manhole 1992 N.K. Dann
Manhole, The is browser playable.Manhole, The 1989 Activision Publishing, Inc.
Manhole, The- New and Enhanced is browser playable.Manhole, The- New and Enhanced 1992 Activision Publishing, Inc.
Manhunter 2- San Francisco is download only. Manhunter 2- San Francisco 1989 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Manhunter- New York is browser playable.Manhunter- New York 1988 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Maniac Mansion is browser playable.Maniac Mansion 1988 Lucasfilm Games
Maniac Mansion (Enhanced) is browser playable.Maniac Mansion (Enhanced) 1988 Lucasfilm Games
Maniac Mansion (Enhanced) (De) is browser playable.Maniac Mansion (Enhanced) (De) 1988 Lucasfilm Games
Maniac Mansion (Enhanced) (Fr) is browser playable.Maniac Mansion (Enhanced) (Fr) 1988 Lucasfilm Games
Maniac Mansion- Day of the Tentacle is browser playable.Maniac Mansion- Day of the Tentacle 1993 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Maniac Mansion- Der Tag des Tentakels is browser playable.Maniac Mansion- Der Tag des Tentakels 1993 Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Maniac, The is browser playable.Maniac, The 1992 Computer Specialties
Manic Karts  is browser playable.Manic Karts 1995 Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Manic Miner is browser playable.Manic Miner 1997 Andy Noble
Manoir de Mortevieller, Le is browser playable.Manoir de Mortevieller, Le 1988 Lankhor
Manor  is download only. Manor 1986 Leon Baradat
Many Faces of Go, The is browser playable.Many Faces of Go, The 1992 Ishi Press International
Maque Eluosi (Mahjong Tetris) is browser playable.Maque Eluosi (Mahjong Tetris) 1993 Soft-World International
Marble Cooking   is browser playable.Marble Cooking 1994 Negative
Marble Guess  is browser playable.Marble Guess 1993 Blueview Software
Marble Madness is browser playable.Marble Madness 1986 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Marble Man is browser playable.Marble Man 1991 Soleau Software, Inc.
Marbleicious is browser playable.Marbleicious 2014 Christopher Emirzian
Maria Sister is browser playable.Maria Sister 1995 Maria Software
Mario & Luigi is browser playable.Mario & Luigi 1995 Mike Wiering
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge is browser playable.Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge 1991 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Mario Brothers VGA is browser playable.Mario Brothers VGA 1990 Dave Sharpless
Mario is Missing! is browser playable.Mario is Missing! 1992 Software Toolworks, Inc., The
Mario Teaches Typing is browser playable.Mario Teaches Typing 1992 Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Mario!!! is browser playable.Mario!!! 1995 Chaos Software
Mario's Early Years- Preschool Fun is browser playable.Mario's Early Years- Preschool Fun 1993 Software Toolworks, Inc., The

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