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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Slot Keno is browser playable.Slot Keno 1989 P.C. Software
Slot Machine Vegas is browser playable.Slot Machine Vegas 1988 Selective Software
Slots is browser playable.Slots 1982 Tom Springall
Slugger, The is browser playable.Slugger, The 1988 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Smash the Smurfs! is browser playable.Smash the Smurfs! 198x Pontious Pirate Software
Smashout is browser playable.Smashout 1984 Tim McClarren
Snack Attack II is browser playable.Snack Attack II 1982 Funtastic, Inc.
Snake is browser playable.Snake 1984 Peter Quinn, Bill Parker
Snake Pit is browser playable.Snake Pit 1986 Robert Kemmetmueller
Snake Ranger Game, The is browser playable.Snake Ranger Game, The 1987 Allen P. Kirisuk
SNAKE- Ultimate Version is browser playable.SNAKE- Ultimate Version 1984 Tom Kristensen
Snake! is browser playable.Snake! 198x Dan Rollins
Snakes (Tandy 1000) is download only. Snakes (Tandy 1000) 1988 Brooks deForest
Snarf is browser playable.Snarf 1988 Everett Kaser
Snipes is browser playable.Snipes 1982 SuperSet Software Corp.
Snooper Troops- Case #1 - The Granite Point Ghost is browser playable.Snooper Troops- Case #1 - The Granite Point Ghost 1982 Spinnaker Software Corporation
Snooper Troops- Case #2 - The Case of the Disappearing Dolphin is browser playable.Snooper Troops- Case #2 - The Case of the Disappearing Dolphin 1982 Spinnaker Software Corporation
Snow Palace is browser playable.Snow Palace 2007 Chris Brown
Snow Strike is browser playable.Snow Strike 1989 Epyx, Inc.
SnowWhite's Voyage  is browser playable.SnowWhite's Voyage 2003 Alive Software
Soccer Game, The is browser playable.Soccer Game, The 1989 Wizard Games
Softporn II is browser playable.Softporn II 1985 Anonymous
SoftWars is browser playable.SoftWars 1988 Raymond F. Genovese
Sokoban is browser playable.Sokoban 2007 Rebels
Soko-Ban is browser playable.Soko-Ban 1984 Spectrum HoloByte, Inc.
Sol Negro is browser playable.Sol Negro 1988 Opera Soft
Solitaire is browser playable.Solitaire 1985 Allyn Wade
Solitaire Royale is browser playable.Solitaire Royale 1987 Spectrum HoloByte, Inc.
Solitare is browser playable.Solitare 1985 Bill Franklin
Solitile is browser playable.Solitile 1989 Everett Kaiser
Solo is browser playable.Solo 1989 Opera Soft
Solo Flight is browser playable.Solo Flight 1985 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Solomon's Key is browser playable.Solomon's Key 1988 U.S. Gold Ltd.
Solus is browser playable.Solus 1988 Matt Gruson
Solver- The Bank Quest is browser playable.Solver- The Bank Quest 2001 Matija Sikic
Son of Stagefright  is browser playable.Son of Stagefright 1989 Mike McCauley
Son of Tetris Project, The is browser playable.Son of Tetris Project, The 1988 WRW
Sonar is browser playable.Sonar 1988 Anonymous
Sonic PC (demo)  is browser playable.Sonic PC (demo) 2002 BB Software
Sons of Liberty is browser playable.Sons of Liberty 1988 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Sopwith is browser playable.Sopwith 1984 BMB Compuscience
Sopwith 2 is browser playable.Sopwith 2 1986 BMB Compuscience
Sopwith- The Author's Edition is browser playable.Sopwith- The Author's Edition 2004 David L. Clark
Sorcerer is browser playable.Sorcerer 1984 Infocom, Inc.
Sorcerer Lord is browser playable.Sorcerer Lord 1988 Personal Software Services

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