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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Sidewalk is browser playable.Sidewalk 1987 Infogrames Multimedia SA
Sidewinder is browser playable.Sidewinder 1988 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Siege of Gondor, The - Middle Earth Tale I  is browser playable.Siege of Gondor, The - Middle Earth Tale I 2000 Jocke The Beast
Sierra Championship Boxing is browser playable.Sierra Championship Boxing 1984 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Silent Service is browser playable.Silent Service 1985 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Silicon Dreams is browser playable.Silicon Dreams 1987 Firebird Licensees Inc.
Silly Master Blaster  (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Silly Master Blaster (Pinball Construction Set) 1985 Anonymous
Silly Master Blaster (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Silly Master Blaster (Pinball Construction Set) 1985 Anonymous
Silpheed is browser playable.Silpheed 1989 Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Silver Cloud, The is browser playable.Silver Cloud, The 1987 Anonymous
Silver Gauntlet is browser playable.Silver Gauntlet 2002 Paul Allen Panks
Sim City 2002 is browser playable.Sim City 2002 2002 Igor Uchansky
Sim Kosciol  is browser playable.Sim Kosciol 2000 Maciej Kiner
SimCity is browser playable.SimCity 1989 Broderbund Software, Inc.
SimCity - Terrain Editor is browser playable.SimCity - Terrain Editor 1989 Infogrames
SimCity vE1.10 is browser playable.SimCity vE1.10 1989 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Simple Adventure is browser playable.Simple Adventure 2006 Paul Allen Panks
Simpsons Tetris 2, The is browser playable.Simpsons Tetris 2, The 2004 Paer J
Simpsons, The - Tetris is browser playable.Simpsons, The - Tetris 2002 P. Johansson
Simulated Slot Machine is browser playable.Simulated Slot Machine 1982 C. Mike Bunker
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon is browser playable.Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon 1988 Cinemaware
Sincope is browser playable.Sincope 2000 Jarel
Sink The BizMark - Seek+Sink is browser playable.Sink The BizMark - Seek+Sink 1986 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Sir Ramic Hobbs and the High Level Gorilla  is browser playable.Sir Ramic Hobbs and the High Level Gorilla 1989 Gil Williamson
Six Letter Game, The is browser playable.Six Letter Game, The 1989 Ralph Nottingham, Robert Gellman
Skate or Die is browser playable.Skate or Die 1988 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Skeet Shoot is browser playable.Skeet Shoot 1982 T. Sorber
Ski Jump Extreme  is browser playable.Ski Jump Extreme 2001 MW Software
Skidoo is browser playable.Skidoo 1989 Inference MDO
Skiing is browser playable.Skiing 1984 Rick Dean
Skullduggery is browser playable.Skullduggery 1989 David Jewett
Skullduggery- Adventures in Horror is browser playable.Skullduggery- Adventures in Horror 1989 David Jewett
Skweek is browser playable.Skweek 1989 Loriciels
Sky Chase is browser playable.Sky Chase 1989 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Sky Shark is browser playable.Sky Shark 1989 Taito Corporation
Sky Wolf is browser playable.Sky Wolf 1985 Craig C. Reneau
Skyfox II The Cygnus Conflict is browser playable.Skyfox II The Cygnus Conflict 1988 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Skyrunner is browser playable.Skyrunner 1987 Cascade Games Ltd.
Slalom is browser playable.Slalom 1983 J. Panek
Sleuth is browser playable.Sleuth 1983 Norland Software
Sliding Puzzle  is browser playable.Sliding Puzzle 2003 Dataware Games
Slime is browser playable.Slime 19xx Spencer Menlove
Slither is browser playable.Slither 1985 Brian Bakken
Slot is browser playable.Slot 1983 International PC Owners
Slot Jack is browser playable.Slot Jack 1988 P.C. Software

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