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DOS GAME Year Copyright
StarQuest- Rescue at Rigel is browser playable.StarQuest- Rescue at Rigel 1983 Epyx, Inc.
StarQuest- Star Warrior   is download only. StarQuest- Star Warrior 1982 Epyx, Inc.
StarRay is download only. StarRay 1989 Logotron Ltd
Starship Encounter is browser playable.Starship Encounter 1989 Softdisk Publishing
StarShip- Invasion is browser playable.StarShip- Invasion 1984 Thinking Machine Associates
Startrek is browser playable.Startrek 2000 Bob Sorem
StarVega is browser playable.StarVega 1989 Loriciels
Staten Island Ferry, The is download only. Staten Island Ferry, The 1983 Phillip Johnson
States and Capitals is download only. States and Capitals 1983 International PC Owners
Stationfall is download only. Stationfall 1987 Infocom, Inc.
Steel Thunder- American Battle Tank Simulation is browser playable.Steel Thunder- American Battle Tank Simulation 1989 Accolade, Inc.
Stellar Agent v1.1 is browser playable.Stellar Agent v1.1 2002 Robert A. Kraus
Stellar Crusade is download only. Stellar Crusade 1988 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Stellar Invasion is browser playable.Stellar Invasion 1985 Bearbyte Software
Stevetris is browser playable.Stevetris 2002 Steve Rosenthal
Stickybear Numbers is browser playable.Stickybear Numbers 1985 Optimum Resource, Inc.
Stickybear Opposites is browser playable.Stickybear Opposites 1989 Optimum Resource, Inc.
Stickybear Reading is download only. Stickybear Reading 1985 Optimum Resource, Inc.
Still Laughing At My Cardigan is browser playable.Still Laughing At My Cardigan 2000 Bev Truter
Stock Market, The (prototype) is browser playable.Stock Market, The (prototype) 1986 Serengeti Enterprise
Stock Shock  is browser playable.Stock Shock 1989 Menne Computers
Stocker is browser playable.Stocker 1988 Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Stocks And Bonds is browser playable.Stocks And Bonds 1982 Avalon Hill
Stoneville Manor is browser playable.Stoneville Manor 1984 Allan & Andrew Lee
Stopsign is browser playable.Stopsign 1989 David B. Howorth
Storm is browser playable.Storm 1986 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Storm Across Europe is browser playable.Storm Across Europe 1989 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Stormlord is browser playable.Stormlord 1989 Hewson Consultants Ltd.
Strange Worlds is browser playable.Strange Worlds 2010 Acord Games
Strange Worlds II is browser playable.Strange Worlds II 2010 Acord Games
Strange Worlds III is browser playable.Strange Worlds III 2010 Acord Games
Strategic Defence Initiative is browser playable.Strategic Defence Initiative 1988 Georg Zimmer
Strategy Games is download only. Strategy Games 1983 IBM
Street Fighter is browser playable.Street Fighter 1988 Capcom Co., Ltd.
Street Fighting Man is browser playable.Street Fighting Man 1989 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Street Football is download only. Street Football 1988 Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Street Rod is browser playable.Street Rod 1989 California Dreams
Street Sports Baseball is browser playable.Street Sports Baseball 1987 Epyx, Inc.
Street Sports Basketball is browser playable.Street Sports Basketball 1987 Epyx, Inc.
Street Sports Soccer is browser playable.Street Sports Soccer 1988 Epyx, Inc.
Strider is browser playable.Strider 1989 U.S. Gold Ltd.
Strike Fleet is browser playable.Strike Fleet 1988 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Strike Force is browser playable.Strike Force 1987 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Strike Force Harrier is browser playable.Strike Force Harrier 1988 Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Striker is browser playable.Striker 1985 Derek Williams

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