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DOS GAME Year Copyright
Secret Sequence is browser playable.Secret Sequence 1983 Ralph G. Brickner
See the USA is browser playable.See the USA 1987 Compu-Teach Corporation
Sentinel, The is browser playable.Sentinel, The 1989 Firebird Software Ltd.
Serguei's Destiny  is browser playable.Serguei's Destiny 2002 Robin Gravel
Serpent  is browser playable.Serpent 1982 Anonymous
Serpentine is browser playable.Serpentine 1982 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Serpy is browser playable.Serpy 1986 Anonymous
Serve & Volley is browser playable.Serve & Volley 1988 Accolade, Inc.
Sesame Street Crayon- Letters For You  is browser playable.Sesame Street Crayon- Letters For You 1987 Polarware - Penguin Software, Inc.
Sesame Street Crayon- Opposites Attract is browser playable.Sesame Street Crayon- Opposites Attract 1987 Polarware - Penguin Software, Inc.
Sesame Street First Writer  is browser playable.Sesame Street First Writer 1989 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round is browser playable.Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round 1988 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Set the Hostages Free  is browser playable.Set the Hostages Free 1981 TexaSoft
Seven Spirits of Ra, The is browser playable.Seven Spirits of Ra, The 1987 Sir-tech Software, Inc.
Sex Vixens From Space is browser playable.Sex Vixens From Space 1989 Free Spirit
Sexware is browser playable.Sexware 1984 Challenge Software Co.
Sfida All'ignoto  is browser playable.Sfida All'ignoto 2001 Marco Vallarino
SGames- Artillery, Bomber, Mastermind is browser playable.SGames- Artillery, Bomber, Mastermind 1985 Anonymous
Shadowgate is browser playable.Shadowgate 1988 Mindscape, Inc.
Shadows of Mordor, The is browser playable.Shadows of Mordor, The 1988 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.
Shamus is browser playable.Shamus 1984 IBM
Shanghai is browser playable.Shanghai 1986 Activision, Inc.
Shard of Spring is browser playable.Shard of Spring 1987 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Shark is browser playable.Shark 1988 Errol Williams
Shatr is browser playable.Shatr 1989 A. Chigorev
Shawl is browser playable.Shawl 1986 AcademySoft
Sheepshead Revisited is browser playable.Sheepshead Revisited 1989 Sam Gabby
Shenanigans is browser playable.Shenanigans 1984 Mark Data Products
Sherlock Holmes- Another Bow is browser playable.Sherlock Holmes- Another Bow 1985 Bantam Electronic Publishing
Sherlock Holmes- The Vatican Cameos is browser playable.Sherlock Holmes- The Vatican Cameos 1986 Ellicott Creek Software
Sherlock- The Riddle of the Crown Jewels is browser playable.Sherlock- The Riddle of the Crown Jewels 1987 Infocom, Inc.
Sherman M4 is browser playable.Sherman M4 1989 Loriciels
Shiloh- Grant's Trial in the West is browser playable.Shiloh- Grant's Trial in the West 1987 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Shinobi is browser playable.Shinobi 1989 SEGA of America, Inc.
Shipwars is browser playable.Shipwars 198x Steve D. Fergison
Shogun is browser playable.Shogun 1987 Mastertronic Group Ltd.
Shoot Up  is browser playable.Shoot Up 2004 Nixon
Shooting Gallery is browser playable.Shooting Gallery 1986 Anonymous
Shrapnel  is browser playable.Shrapnel 2000 Adam Cadre
Shuffle Mania!  is browser playable.Shuffle Mania! 1989 XOR Corporation
Shufflepuck Cafe is browser playable.Shufflepuck Cafe 1989 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Shultz's Treasure is browser playable.Shultz's Treasure 1983 VeriSoft Works
Shut the Box  is browser playable.Shut the Box 1989 Microlink, Bob Lancaster
Sid Meier's Pirates! is browser playable.Sid Meier's Pirates! 1987 MicroProse Software, Inc.
Side Arms Hyper Dyne is browser playable.Side Arms Hyper Dyne 1987 GO!

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