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Burger Time

Copyright: © 1982 Data East
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action Burger Time Review 1: One of the early arcade games of the PC offering the "great" CGA graphics. In Burger Time you play a cook who's got to make some huge burgers by making the burger components fall from one platform to another and finally into the plate while running away from the onions and other "nasty" food. Review 2: Burger Time delivers fast and furious action with a novel concept: create hamburgers without spilling the contents or missing ingredients. Another great and timeless classic. (Food for thought: I spent countless hours as a kid on this 18KB of data and, more than a decade later, spent less than 10 hours on Phantasmagoria and promptly sold it away. Review 3: Burger Time is a game where you're a baker and you have to make large burgers, but you have enemies in this game wich you shall have to avoid. You can temporarily stop them when you throw salt at them.

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