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Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition

Copyright: © 1992 Interstel Corporation
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 1 MB
Genre(s): Strategy
Rating: Armada 2525 Deluxe Editionhas a 4.6 star rating (238 Votes)
Last Played: 11 days ago in Canada.

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Armada 2525: Deluxe Edition In this updated version of his solid space strategy game, released after Interstel's demise, R.T. Smith adds a lot of gameplay options (including multiplayer mode) and vastly improved graphics that makes a good game even better. This edition is definitely what Armada 2525 should have been, but not. Highly recommended for all strategy enthusiasts especially those looking for challenging AI that can hold its own pretty well

Download Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition

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Download Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition  Download Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition .zip file (1 MB)

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