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Last Updated: Wed, 11 August 2021 @ 15:08
Copyright: © 1989 Electronic Arts, Inc. (68 Titles)
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 3.11
Filesize: 619 KB
Genre(s): Educational
Screenshots: 4
Rating: Cartoonershas a 4.6 star rating (179 Votes)
Last Played: A few days ago in Hungary.

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Cartooners Screenshots

Screenshot by Anonymous
Screenshot by Anonymous
Screenshot by Anonymous
Screenshot by Anonymous

About Cartooners

Review 1: So you want to make your own Hollywood movie with the biggest stars? Then this game is for you…emm no wait…if you want to make your own little cartoon Cartooners is the perfect tool. You will have pretty much all things available to make the movie although you don’t have any options to make it very advanced. Even the new player will be able to make their first movie within only a few minutes. Of course it won’t be very long and probably not very good either but this shows just how easy Cartooners is to use. You can add funny actors, full scenes, balloons and other small things as well. Things like turning the actors and items is possible as well and of course you can also give each actor instructions to walk around, turn the other way and face towards the viewer. You can watch the movie all the time so it’s fast to view any changes you have made. Once you built the movie larger you will also be able to browse each cut which is a nice feature. Cartooners is a great tool for making cartoon movies and each item available (and especially the actors) are well done and you can see that the developers have used more than just a few minutes animating them. Overall a fun tool that shows how easily you can make a little movie and with some work Cartooners could have been much more serious.

Review 2: Not exactly a game, but a nice little tool to create animated cartoons. There aren't that many options to play around with, but still enough to create some cool cartoon sequences. Since everything is fairly easy, this one is probably more aimed at kids. Gameplay is like mix-and-match-- just pick the backdrop, cartoons, objects, then add text to the blurbs to make a complete comic-book style panel. Animations are cute, but limited interaction with the characters probably means the program is meant more as a "print kit" than a game. Don't ask me why I put this in the educational section. I still don't know-- probably to make sure that kids get to see this cute little program, since "Application" sounds more like a treasure chest for die-hard programmers only ;)

Review 3: Ever wanted to make your own cartoon? Now you can! This easy good game lets you create and play your own movies. If you create one, you'll get an empty field and you can add a scene under the menu "scene". There are different ones. You can maybe make your own with for example paint shop pro 6. It is not hard. For examples: graveyard and park. After you have chosen the scene you can add an actor, that can be a bunny or a wolf, but also a stone or a balloon. If you have chosen objects that moves you must select what they will be doing, you can do that under the menu "Act" and chose their way under "way". After that press on "Rec" to record. And a small part will be recorded, after that you do it over again. If you are finished rewind everything and press on "Play" to play your movie. After that you can save it if you want for another time.

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