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Anonymous DOS Games

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Game Year Copyright/Publisher
Rocket is browser playable. Rocket 1981 Anonymous
Alien is browser playable. Alien 1982 Anonymous
Computer Monopoly is browser playable. Computer Monopoly 1982 Anonymous
Gallery is download only. Gallery 1982 Anonymous
Fence is browser playable. Fence 1982 Anonymous
LCM  is download only. LCM 1982 Anonymous
Pac Man  is browser playable. Pac Man 1982 Anonymous
Racer Jammer is browser playable. Racer Jammer 1982 Anonymous
Serpent  is browser playable. Serpent 1982 Anonymous
Star Ship Attack is download only. Star Ship Attack 1982 Anonymous
War3 is browser playable. War3 1982 Anonymous
Wumpus II is browser playable. Wumpus II 1982 Anonymous
Splat is browser playable. Splat 1983 Anonymous
Sumer  is browser playable. Sumer 1983 Anonymous
Reverse is download only. Reverse 1983 Anonymous
Russian Roulette is download only. Russian Roulette 1983 Anonymous
Kingdom is download only. Kingdom 1983 Anonymous
Coffee Game, The is download only. Coffee Game, The 1983 Anonymous
Casino UNIVAC 1108 Baccarat is download only. Casino UNIVAC 1108 Baccarat 1983 Anonymous
Daves Crap Game is download only. Daves Crap Game 1983 Anonymous
Big 8 Football is download only. Big 8 Football 1983 Anonymous
Vier Gewinnt is browser playable. Vier Gewinnt 1983 Anonymous
1000 Miles is browser playable. 1000 Miles 1984 Anonymous
David's Kong is browser playable. David's Kong 1984 Anonymous
David's Kong (BASIC version)  is download only. David's Kong (BASIC version) 1984 Anonymous

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